LVTP Parks

Local Cleanup Events Planned as Earth Day 2021 Approaches

Est. Read Time: 4 mins

As Earth Day 2021 approaches, volunteer organizations are planning cleanup events to help restore heavily-used local parks, bike paths and hiking trails. Earth Day is observed each April 22 and serves as a reminder that everyone has a role to play in keeping the planet clean.


Remembering Redington: Lower Saucon’s Forgotten Industrial Center

Est. Read Time: 7 mins

By the mid-1800s–when the now largely-forgotten community of Redington was founded along the south bank of the Lehigh River in Lower Saucon Township–the industrial revolution was in full swing, with railroads and steel-making leading the way.

Hellertown Noise Decibel Level

Hellertown Hopes to Better Regulate Excessive Noise

Est. Read Time: 2 mins

Excessive noise can be a nuisance, but deciding what constitutes “loud” can be highly subjective, which is why Hellertown officials hope to implement a plan that will result in more exact limits on–and measurements of–various sounds around town.

Halloween Trick or Treat Hellertown

Could Trick-or-Treat Date in Hellertown Be Changed?

Est. Read Time: 3 mins

Although Hellertown borough officials conducted a poll two years ago to determine when residents would prefer that Trick-or-Treat be held–with council members opining that the event should forevermore be held according to the majority’s wishes–one Hellertown councilman told his colleagues Monday he thinks the date should be reconsidered.