What are the Hellertown Pool’s Rules?

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Note: The following rules are provided by the Borough of Hellertown. The Hellertown Pool is located at 575 Durham Street across from Dimmick Park. It is open daily from noon to 7 p.m., weather permitting, through Aug. 28, 2015.

1. Be respectful and obey the lifeguards.0606151259a

2. No running, pushing or horseplay.

3. Ball playing is restricted to the grass area behind the diving boards.

4. Beach or “Nerf” type balls are permitted in the shallow area of the pool only.

5. Personal flotation devices, rafts and floats are permitted in the shallow area only.

6. Cut-offs and street clothes are not allowed in the pool. Pool appropriate attire only. Infant “swimmie” diapers are required.

7. The area between the ropes in the deep end is for lap swimming only.

8. Diving is restricted to areas 8 feet deep or deeper.

9. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

10. Food and drink is allowed only in the grass area (not on the pool deck).

11. Gum and tobacco products are not allowed within the pool areas.

12. No littering.

13. No alcohol beverages, weapons or contraband.

14. Cooler size is limited to 2 feet square.

14. Tent size is limited to 5 feet square.

All rules are subject to interpretation by the pool staff.

If the lifeguard blows three fast consecutive whistles, a water rescue is in progress and swimmers should clear the pool. If the lifeguard stands up and blows one prolonged whistle continuously, swimmers should clear the pool as quickly and safely as possible.

Anyone entering the pool is subject to search along with any bags, coolers and containers. Any illegal weapons or contraband found will be seized and will result in criminal charges.

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