Letter to the Editor: Keep Close Eye on Little Ones Tempted by Candy at Parade

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Halloween Candy
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Editor’s Note: The annual Saucon Valley Spirit Parade will be held in Hellertown on Sunday, Oct. 23 at 2 p.m.

My words today are like opening a can of worms but I feel this issue needs to be addressed prior to our Saucon Valley Parade. As many of you know, Coopersburg and Emmaus parades are now not allowing candy to be thrown to the community along the parade route. I actually applaud their efforts in enforcing this action. I am NOT going to suggest this action for the Saucon Valley Parade because of the community ramifications that I would have to endure.

Many of the organizations driving large vehicles toss candy toward the side lines, but many times it doesn’t make it that far. Thus bringing me to this point:

1. Our children are the most precious things given to us on this earth!

2. They are anxious to get the candy.

3. They run toward it to receive it, not even thinking of the moving wheels!

4. This is the start of the problem; parents and caregivers have to control how close they get to these moving vehicles. It is not worth the loss of life or one getting hurt for a piece of candy!

I have witnessed first-hand so many close calls that it has actually taken my breath away! With that said, I do not blame the children, but those that are supposed to be watching them. I cannot begin to explain how dangerous a parade of any magnitude actually can be! There are so many moving parts to a parade and there are limits to what our volunteers, who have enough on their plate, can do. I hope that this year parents and caregivers will take responsibility for those in attendance.

In closing, to make this an enjoyable event for everyone, follow the guidance of the volunteers who stage and direct the parade; they are following a combined effort for everyone’s safety. Thank those volunteers for the hours they spend making sure this community event continues for years to come. If you don’t want to participate or enjoy this parade, please remember that a large portion of (Hellertown) borough gets land-locked for 2 hours and attitudes become somewhat strained.

With everyone’s combined efforts, this is going to be the best parade we have ever seen in Hellertown. We already have something new set for next year that will amaze all of you!

David Heintzelman, Saucon Valley Spirit Parade Chairman


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