Panther Play of the Week: Rose Crosses-Up Bomber Defense (Brought to You by Hellertown Bakery)

Senior Steven Rose earns his second 2017 Panther Play of the week.

Saucon Valley senior Steven Rose is no stranger to “Panther Play of the Week”.  He was with us before, Week 1 with a big “jet sweep” from the 2017 season opener against Bangor.  Well, here he is again with his Panther teammates, taking on the Palmerton Blue Bombers!

On this well-executed play the Panthers break the huddle into a “Twins Right-I” formation. The aggressive Palmerton defense is showing 8-men-in-the-box with “Cover-O” (man-to-man without a free safety over the top).

Quarterback Alstan Wolfe, from under center, sets Rose into motion. At the snap of the ball, Rose angles across the field avoiding contact with defenders at a full sprint.  Tight-End, Patrick Morrissey, runs a shallow-cross just underneath Rose hoping to create a little traffic to slow down the Bomber coverage.  Wide-receiver, Chris Smith runs a “post” route toward the middle of the field.

Wolfe and his running backs carry-out a play-action fake off tackle to their right hoping to get the defense off-balance.  Wolfe flashes the ball toward Petiet’s belly and stands tall under some pretty good pressure to deliver a perfect strike to Rose.  With a little help from Chris Smith hustling down field, Rose uses his speed to find ‘zone.

Watch this clip of Steven Rose taking Alstan Wolfe’s pass to the house!

Great job Panthers, the Source is with you!

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