Fix-it With Forward Life Coach and Counseling Offers Holistic Approach to Self-Improvement (Sponsored)

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Fix it with Forward is a short phrase that carries a lot of meaning for Lynette Reed, LCSW, MRPYC, who has spent more than 25 years working with individuals, groups and families as a clinical social worker, educator and restorative practitioner.

“Fix-it with Forward is a saying that I gained from a trainer/mentor who used this as a philosophy, so not to stay stuck in the problem,” Reed explains.

Credit: Fix-it With Forward LLC

Lynette Reed, LCSW, MRPYC

In August, Reed launched her own practice, Fix-it with Forward Life Coach and Counseling LLC, located at 3201 Rt. 212 in Springtown, incorporating the mantra into the name of her new business.

“My father also inspired this by often encouraging me to continue to walk towards my goal and through the conflict with integrity,” Reed said. “This is what influenced the business’ name. I have had and continue to lean on my teachers and mentors from my journey. They continue to inspire me and push me to grow and refine my knowledge and skills. They have taught me the value of the proverb, ‘You can feed a man for one day by giving him a fish or you can feed him his lifetime by teaching him to fish.’ That is what these wonderful people have done and I wish to pass it on.”

Reed says she decided it was time to go into private practice because she wanted to be able to offer more “holistic, creative approaches” to her clients, such as the “Animals as Coaches” portion of her services.

“I live on my own private small horse farm close to the office, which can be used with individuals who seek the additional opportunity of using animals,” she explains. “I also have two certified therapy dogs that can accompany us on our journey.”

“I truly believe that individuals have the potential to be resilient and hold the key to their own success,” Reed adds. “Sometimes all I do is help them uncover the key. Opening Fix-it with Forward is my way of offering a safe, creative opportunity for people to explore this without the restriction of organizational policy and restrictions.”

Reed says she is particularly excited about setting up shop in the Hellertown area because of the complexities of its rural, urban and suburban cultures and diversity of residents’ needs.

“This is my community and the place I call home,” she said. “I am committed to helping people live their lives to their fullest potential and am honored to be able to be walking with them as they take these significant steps towards change.”

Reed is married with four children and describes herself as a nature lover.

“I love to bike, hike, kayak and ride horses. I am an animal lover and enjoy music and art. I believe in the power of friendship and family as the source of our growth and stability,” she says.

Reed says that now that her family is almost grown and on their own she would like to dedicate her skills and gifts toward her business, and in particular would like to grow the business to the point where she offers services to all ages and needs.

Right now she works with clients ages 14 and up and does not accept insurance, although she will provide receipts for those who want to submit out-of-network claims. Reed is also working toward being able to accept medical insurance.

She says that through the years, the biggest changes in what she does have stemmed from the increased pressure people are feeling in their everyday lives.

“Our culture and society has become more demanding and stressful, which impact our true intentions and connections,” she says. “We are recognizing how some of our emotional and physical health challenges are related and that our environment and daily stressors can have a very large impact in how we live our lives, the decisions we make, how we feel and think about ourselves and others.”

“Life coaching and counseling offers a way to sort this out and get to our real intentions and desired connections in our lives. Learning to manage our stressors and having guidance and clarity on steps to take to go forward in our goals is so helpful for any of us,” she says.

For more information about Reed and Fix-it with Forward Life Coach and Counseling, call 610-349-0592, visit the business’s website and see its Facebook page.

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