Saucon Valley Track and Field Opens Season at Southern Lehigh

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With Tuesday came the first Colonial League track meet.

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With Tuesday came the first Colonial League track meet.

Without much outdoor practice time to prepare, Coach Kolosky and the Saucon Valley Panthers made the short trip over to Southern Lehigh for the season opening tri-meet against the host Spartans and Northwestern Lehigh Tigers.

In addition to coping with Tuesday’s chilly weather, the Panthers also had to deal with perhaps two of the better track and field teams in the Colonial League.  Both the Southern Lehigh Boys and Girls Track teams are on a recent roll. The Southern Lehigh Girls program is looking to three-peat as Colonial League champs while the Boys team has an eye on repeating.

Northwestern Lehigh is also a formidable opponent with very strong cross-country roots. Led by Maddie Consuelos and Molly Tarvin, the Lady-Tigers were the 2017 Colonial League X-Country champions and the District XI runner-ups in the Fall.

It would be a day full of challenges for the Panthers.

All lined up and ready to get the 2018 Colonial League Track and Field season started!


Southern Lehigh 104, Saucon Valley 46

Northwestern Lehigh 88, Saucon Valley 62

Southern Lehigh 97 , Northwestern Lehigh 52

As usual, Panther senior Ethan Bernstein battled last year’s Colonial League champ to the wire.



100 Meter Run:  

  1.  SL senior Noah Schock  (11.4)
  2.  SL junior Brendan Miller (11.6)
  3.  SL sophomore Marcus Glueck (11.7)
  • (SV Senior Chris Smith and sophomore Dane Csencsits tied for 6th with 12.2)

200 Meter Run:

  1. Saucon senior Alstan Wolfe (23.9)
  2. SL sophomore Marcus Glueck (24.3)
  3. SL sophomore Adrian Rodriguez (24.8) 

400 Meter Run: 

  1. SL senior Andrew Buonanno (53.5)
  2. NWL senior Robert Leiser (54.2) 
  3. Saucon Valley senior Ethan Smiley and SL junior Nate Cocco (55.7)

800 Meter Run: 

  1. SL senior Thomas Matsumura (2:05.08)
  2. Saucon Valley senior Ethan Bernstein (2:07.01)
  3. SL junior Alex Fillman (2:07.09)

1,600 Meter Run: 

  1. SL senior Thomas Matsumura (4:37.9)
  2. Saucon Valley senior Ethan Bernstein (4:38.2)
  3. NWL senior Phillip Castrine (4:45.8)
  • (SV freshman Matt Chaikowsky finished 4th with 5:03.7)

3,200 Meter Run: 

  1. SL senior Colin Cramer (10:17.0)
  2. SL junior Corey Welsh (10:48.6)
  3. NWL senior Phillip Castrine (11:04.5)
  • (SV freshman Matt Chaikowsky finished 4th with 11:12.7)

110M Hurdles: 

  1. SL junior Jonathan Frederic (18.2)  *tie
  2. SL junior Maxwell Ozanne (18.2) *tie
  3. SL junior Justin McGill (18.4)
  • (SV junior Sean Cyphers finished 6th with 21.8)

300M Hurdles:

  1. SL junior Brandan Miller (44.0)
  2. NWL senior Taylor Wanamaker (45.6)
  3. SL junior Maxwell Ozanne (45.7) 
  • (SV sophomore Nicholas Schriffert finished 7th with 48.4)

400 Meter Relay:

  1. SL 45.9 (Fr. Jacob Fauzio, So. Marcus Glueck, So. Cameron Fisher, Sr. Noah Schock)
  2. NWL 51.0 (Sr. Dylan Frantz, Fr. Anthony Beidler, So. Jayden Allen, Fr. Ryan Baler)
  3. SV DNF (dropped baton)

1,600 Meter Relay: 

  1. SL 3:45.5 (Jr. Brendan Miller, Jr. Alex Fillman, Jr. Nate Cocco, Sr. Andrew Buonanno)
  2. NWL 3:51.0 (Sr. Andrew Cornell, Jr. Tyler Slifer, So. Matthew Renner, Sr. Robert Leiser)
  3. SV 3:55.2 (Sr. Samuel Ward, Jr. Chase Fong, Sr. Ethan Smiley, Sr. Tommy Gallagher)

3,200 Meter Relay: 

  1. SL 9:13.9 (Fr. Alec DiCesare, Jr. Alex Fillman, Jr. Marc Ramson, Sr. Thomas Matsumara)
  2. NWL 9:20.02 (Fr. Randal Zack, So. Michael Rebert, So. Joseph Pleban, Sr. Andrew Cornell)
  3. SV 9:27.2 (Sr. Samuel Ward, Jr. Chase Fong, Sr. Ethan Smiley, Sr. Tommy Gallagher)

Pole Vault: 

  1. SL junior Nickolas James (11-09.00)
  2. Saucon Valley So. Nathan Orr (11-03.00)
  3. NWL senior John McArdle (10-09.00)

High Jump:

  1. SL junior Connor Lewis (5-11.00)  *tie
  2.  NWL sophomore Zachary Rosmalia (5-11.00) *tie
  3. NWL junior Devin Thomas (5-04.00)

In his very first Track and Field competition, Alstan Wolfe won the Long Jump.

Long Jump:

  1. Saucon Valley senior Alstan Wolfe (19-08.50) * tie
  2. NWL sophomore Zachary Rosmalia (19-08.50) *tie
  3. SL junior Connor Lewis (19-07.50) 

Triple Jump:

  1.  NWL sophomore Zachary Rosmalia (37-08.00)
  2. SL junior Connor Lewis (37-05.00)
  3. NWL junior Sam Yadush (35-04.50)
  • (SV senior Vincent Borger finished 6th with 34-08.00)

File Photo

Powerful Patrick Zuber picked up where he left off from last season.

Shot Put:

  1. Saucon Valley junior Patrick Zuber (47-00.00)
  2. NWL senior Jason Garcia (40-00.50)
  3. Saucon Valley junior Tim Weaver (37-05.50)


  1.  Saucon Valley junior Patrick Zuber (130-02)
  2. NWL senior Jason Garcia (105-05)
  3. SL sophomore Adam Noblit (103-07)


  1. NWL junior Sam Yadush (140-02)
  2. NWL senior Hunter Miller (139-08)
  3. NWL sophomore Michael Marrazzo (118-10)
  • (SV senior Zach Pinczok finished 4th with 95-04)

Long-time Panther skipper Ed Kolosky giving his stopwatch a workout in the 2018 opener.



Southern Lehigh 107, Saucon Valley 43

Northwestern Lehigh 95, Saucon Valley 55

Southern Lehigh 89, Northwestern Lehigh 61

Saucon Valley freshman Jorryn Kyra takes the baton from junior Kiele Riefenstahl.



100 Meter Run:

  1. SL junior Hollie Imani (13.4)
  2. SL sophomore Trisha O’Rourke (13.7)
  3. NWL junior Cayden Rex (14.4)
  • (SV sophomore Talia Avia finished 8th with 14.9)

200 Meter Run: 

  1. SL junior Hollie Imani (28.4)
  2. NWL freshman Lauren Schellhamer (29.6)
  3. SL sophomore Trisha O’Rourke (29.7)
  • (SV sophomore Olivia Jackson finished 6th with 30.6)

400 Meter Run:

  1.  SL sophomore Trisha O’Rourke (1:03.1)
  2. NWL freshman Lauren Schellhamer (1:03.6)
  3. SL freshman Ava Ascolese (1:07.1)
  • (SV freshman Jorryn Kyra finished 4th with 1:10.5)

800 Meter Run: 

  1. NWL junior Alyssa Zack (2:34.0)
  2. NWL sophomore Allison Costa (2:37.5)
  3. SL senior Megan McGill (2:39.9)
  • (SV freshman Jorryn Kyra finished 7th with 2:52.8)

It was a very close battle between the Panthers Kiele Riefenstahl and Northwestern Lehigh’s Maddie Consuelos.

1,600 Meter Run:

  1. Saucon Valley junior Kiele Riefenstahl (5:28.1)
  2. NWL junior Maddie Consuelos (5:28.6)
  3. NWL sophomore Allison Costa (5:38.5) 

3,200 Meter Run:

  1. NWL senior Molly Tarvin (12:24.8)
  2. SL sophomore Jenna Groeber (12:50.4)
  3. NWL senior Hannah Herzon (13:09.7)
  • (SV senior Alexa Chaikowsky finished 4th with 13:29.7)

100 Hurdles:

  1.  SL sophomore Sierra Williams (15.2)
  2. SL senior Tanner Colley (17.5)
  3. SL senior Shannon Quinn (17.6)
  • (SV sophomore Emma Rohn finished 4th with 18.2)

300 Hurdles:

  1.  SL sophomore Sierra Williams (49.0)
  2. Saucon Valley junior Rachel Gallagher (54.1)
  3. NWL junior Sarah Supplee (54.3)

400M Relay: 

  1. SL 53.4 (Jr. Hollie Imani, So. Amelia Cassaday, Sr. Alexis Chemnitz, So. Sierra Williams)
  2. NWL 55.6 (Fr. Kate Betz, So. Allyson Myers, Sr. Brandi Feinour, Jr. Cayden Rex)
  3. Saucon Valley 57.6 (So. Olivia Jackson, So. Emma Rohn, So. Talia Avia, Sr. Jordan Spohn)

Saucon Valley junior Brooke Riefenstahl battled from behind to help win the 4×400 meter relay for the Panthers.

1,600M Relay:

  1.  Saucon Valley 4:30.6 (Jr. Brooke Riefenstahl, So. Emma Bernstein, So. Jorryn Kyra, So. Talitha Diggs)
  2. NWL 4:33.0 (Fr. Lauren Schellhamer, Jr. Alyssa Zack, Jr. Sarah Supplee, Fr. Alexa Bleam) 

3,200M Relay:

  1.  NWL 10:15.7 (Jr. Maddie Consuelos, Sr. Molly Tarvin, Jr. Sarah Supplee, Jr. Alyssa Zack)
  2. Saucon Valley 10:27.5 (Jr. Brooke Riefenstahl, So. Talitha Diggs, So. Jorryn Kyra, Jr. Kiele Riefenstahl)

Pole Vault:

  1. Saucon Valley senior Joslynn Rose (9-00.00)
  2. SL senior Autumn Kandt (7-06.00)
  3. Saucon Valley junior Madeline Schaffer (7-00.00) 

High Jump:

  1. SL sophomore  Grace Hambly (4-11.00)
  2. Saucon Valley senior Joslynn Rose (4-08.00) *tie
  3. SL freshman Jaden Kline (4-08.00) *tie
  4. SL sophomore Gabriella Bonnie (4-08.00) *tie 

Contributed Photo

Saucon Valley sophomore set a Southern Lehigh stadium record in the Long Jump. (File Photo)

Long Jump:

  1.  Saucon Valley sophomore Talitha Diggs (17-10.00)  ***SL Stadium Record!***
  2. SL sophomore Amelia Cassaday (16-05.00)
  3. NWL senior Jordan Lowthert (14-11.00)

Triple Jump: 

  1. SL junior Victoria Adams (33-03.50)
  2. NWL senior Jordan Lowthert (31-00.00)
  3. Saucon Valley senior Joslynn Rose (29-03.50)

Shot Put:

  1. SL senior Julia LaPorta (33-02.5)
  2. NWL junior Sage Christopher (28-02.5)
  3. SL sophomore Gabriella Gormas (27-07.50)
  • (SV junior Natalie Hagan finished 5th with 26-10.00)


  1. SL senior Julia LaPorta (103-10)
  2. SL junior Alyssa Lyon (90-04)
  3. NWL juior Kayla Liebensperger (82-05)
  • (SV junior Natalie Hagan finished 7th with 66-00)


  1. SL senior Madeline Arnold (103-5)
  2. Saucon Valley junior Natalie Hagan (86-00)
  3. NWL senior Abby Chisdak (73-01)

Saucon sophomores Kylie Beller and Talia Avia racing for the finish line.

UP NEXT:  The Panthers will travel to Pen Argyl on Tuesday and test themselves against the Green Knights.  Then, on Thursday, the Wilson Warriors come to Hellertown for a Saucon Valley home opener.

Good luck Panthers, the Source is with you!

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