There are Silver Linings, Even in the Midst of a Pandemic

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There is no question that the current COVID-19 pandemic represents a grave threat to public health and safety. It has forced millions of Americans to reoder their lives by staying home and avoiding contact with most people outside of their immediate families, while effectively shutting down the majority of the nation’s economy until further notice.

In a matter of weeks the pandemic has changed how we live our lives, but is that only a bad thing? We don’t believe it has to redefine us negatively, so we asked Saucon Source readers to share something positive they have done or experienced as a result of staying at home or slowing down and found that many people have “silver linings” to share.

Those silver linings don’t change the seriousness of the challenges we all face to get through this crisis, or the importance of working together to find solutions to it. But they do offer hope for the future, and are an important reminder that no how bleak that future may appear, we all should take some time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, in the moment.

We hope that this list will inspire you to find something positive in the midst of our uncertain, anxiety-filled new era, if you haven’t done so already. Please be safe and well. If you are dealing with issues related to being isolated know that resources are available.


“As a truck driver, I’m still goin’ into work and makin’ deliveries, and since this non essential travel ban, traffic has been GREAT! Last week I powered through Philly at 1 p.m. doin’ 55 the whole way. Just yesterday I rounded 495 from DC and took 95 straight through Baltimore all the way up 476, (and it was) smooth sailing. So that’s my silver lining. It’s been really nice having open streets.” – Ben M.

“All the grandkids and parents discovered Messenger for Kids. This allows us to all stay connected in a fun way. There are funny memes and stickers on there. And of course it has to be parent-approved first. But it is a fun thing to do since we cannot physically be together.” – Ginny G.

“We brought some cheer to our neighborhood with everyone out on more walks while supporting a local business.” – Michelle V.

Balloon Trees Hope Coronavirus Silver Linings

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One local resident put colorful “trees” made by BalloonWorks in her front yard to help bring smiles to the faces of passers-by. Another reader suggested putting teddy bears in street-facing windows for young children, whose parents might be driving around to help them deal with the cabin fever many are experiencing in this situation.

Laughing and conversing with my clients and their families, being able and needed to work at this time…and seeing my hostas poke out. Being able to put this into a good perspective is a positive thing to me.” – Emily K.

“We all have crazy busy schedules so it’s been really nice to have quality family time. Especially since Greyson is headed off to college in the fall.” – Jennifer S.

I have noticed more people taking leisurely walks throughout the neighborhood. Usually I very rarely see anyone out, but these last few weeks I have seen people walking. I have walked my dogs, people are maintaining their distance.” – Joan R.

“I haven’t done any laundry and a lot less cleaning because the kids daily chore lists are back and my kids are getting along with each other while they are home alone all day. They even came up with their own sharing system for the Xbox.” – Ebb R.

“My pastor, Dr. Paul Knappenberger of St. John’s UCC in Emmaus, is offering online prayers of hope and encouragement at 7 p.m. every night. They can be seen, live or recorded, on the church’s Facebook page.” – Randy K. (Editor’s Note: A number of local churches are offering something like this. Visit your church’s website or Facebook page to see if they are offering livestreaming of services or virtual worship of another kind.)

“One silver lining is all of our pets sure are happy in all this.” – MaryAnn W.

“I had to miss my chemo infusion due to having a fever and symptoms. My friends Lynn and Susan made and delivered these signs so I would see them out my window while I am quarantined . The thing is, this entire community has been my army in this fight and my friends never let me down. Even though I can’t see them they are still letting me know they are with me in this fight every day.” – Allison S.

“I have been planning time to go for runs or walks and while out for said runs and walks, I am finding people to be happier and particularly friendlier than usual.” – Sarah B.

“I’ve definitely noticed more people out and about and see (and hear) less traffic on Delaware Avenue. I’m also warmed by the stories of people like Yianni (owner of Pat’s Pizza & Bistro) who has been delivering meals to parents at different schools in Bethlehem, set up a table outside his restaurant for people to come grab supplies if they needed it and who’s been taking lunch and dinner to my parents (who live a block away) a couple times and refusing to take payment. Mom said they’ve heard from one of their favorite tellers at the bank who called to check in on them to see how they’re doing, too. And I’ve gotten a chance to help out a friend by baking a chocolate birthday cake for her kiddo who’s turning 5 tomorrow and will celebrate with just immediate family. I’ve found many positive stories and vignettes among my Facebook friends & family, and even here and there in the news, and it’s a balm for my heart and soul.” – Jodi I.

“I sent a check to a single mom for her twin daughters as a St Patrick’s gift (never used that as a gift holiday before).” – Rosemarie M.

“Walks with my dog on the Rail Trail! Such a small thing, but it makes a huge difference.” – Ellen F.

“With less traffic on the roads, the air seems fresher.” – Fran D.

“I’ve definitely learned to appreciate my daily phone calls with my mom! I haven’t seen her in a month now, because before this pandemic, all the residents at the home were sick with a bug, so for two weeks we weren’t allowed to go there because of that. I treasure these moments!” – Brenda S.

“Rummaging through boxes and finding pictures from the past to post and relive happier times.” – Melanie F.

“Having so much time to work in my yard and my garden, I’m so much in my happy place!” – Rhonda W.

“My 5-year-old granddaughter Facetiming me every day. She sings to me, tells me stories and makes me laugh. I said I was home alone and she said, ‘You have me.’ Love you Morgan.” – Sharon A.

“Some of us who are grandparents spend a lot of our time helping to take care of our kids and grandkids, thinking they can’t do it without us. Well, it’s been a joy to see our kids dealing with this crisis and caring for their kids without us in the picture. Which is proof they are more capable and stronger than they know. Makes a parent proud.” – Faith S.

“My street has been doing scavenger hunts for the kids by placing different things in our windows (shamrocks, teddy bears and soon Easter eggs) for them to find while out walking!” – Jessy Z.

“Watching my son do yard work with his dad. He is normally so obligated with other things that yard work with dad–yard work in general–takes a back seat. For our family, it is a time to re-evaluate what is important and maybe (think about) taking a step back from the crazy life we lead once this is over.” – Allison S.

“Just realizing how dear our friends and family are. Getting to spend unexpected family time together. Having time to try new recipes. Seeing people pull together and finding creative ways to work around the social distancing to still support one another.” – Kasie S.

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