Saucon Spring Sports Shoutout: Girls Track & Field

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The 2020 Saucon Valley High School girls track and field team.

With the closing of Pennsylvania schools due to the Coronavirus comes the suspension of the 2020 PIAA  Spring sports season.  Saucon Valley student-athletes, like all other disheartened student-athletes across the state, are prohibited from practice and competition for the time being.

For the first time in many, many years the Spring preseason got underway with premium weather conditions. On Monday, March 9th the high school campus was buzzing with activity.  The season, however, grinded to a halt on Friday the 13th with an announcement made from the Saucon Valley School District that pulled the plug on sports and restricted the use of campus facilities.  This directive came on the heels of Governor Wolf’s order to close all Pennsylvania schools for two weeks due to the Coronavirus pandemic. All Pennsylvania schools are now shuttered indefinitely.

As joyful as it may be for some students to not have to wake up early and travel to school during the mandated closure, approximately 285 Panther student-athletes are, no doubt, suffering heavily from cabin fever and, with a heavy heart, restlessly craving to be reunited with their extra-curricular passion.  It is with this recreational injustice in mind that Saucon Source wants to spread a little love and shine a warm spotlight on those who are currently house-bound and benched due to COVID-19.

Here is a little tribute to your 2020 Saucon Valley High School Girls Track & Field team!

Girls Track & Field Roster

  • Grace Albano
  • Talia Avia
  • Emma Bernstein
  • Casey Bruchak
  • Claire Cassellia
  • Zoie Coronado
  • Talitha Diggs
  • Ava Dyer
  • Serena El Banna
  • Caitlyn Esch
  • Mikayla Fluck
  • Ana Garippa
  • Lauren Giles
  • Seran Goudsouzian
  • Julia Hernandez
  • Caroline Honsel
  • Rachel Kazanecki
  • Kyla Lambrugo
  • Nicole Leidy
  • Kathleen Lohr
  • Amelia Mackey
  • Monica Mannino
  • Maia Merriman
  • Malaika Nehal
  • Ayanna Nuttall
  • Spree Perez
  • Sabrina Ramirez-Theurer
  • Megan Rex
  • Hailey Robertson
  • Matalin Smith
  • Maila Snyder
  • Sage Spohn
  • Emma Szydlow
  • Avia Weber
  • Colleen Williams
  • Shannon Zondervan

SENIOR POWER!:  Talia Avia, Emma Bernstein, Talitha Diggs, Serena El Banna, Lauren Giles and Seran Goudsouzian


  • Head Coach:  Ed Kolosky
  • Assistants: Todd Lipp, Marty Lewis, Phil Russell, Bob Davis and Kim Snowden

Coach Quote:

“While the world continues to struggle with the COVID-19, Saucon Valley track and field remains at a standstill as well. But I believe that standstill is limited to coach/athlete interactions minus internet communications. On my daily rides, I have witnessed our athletes training on the roads, the Rail Trail, and on Lehigh University’s track. And, upon their requests, I’m in the process of dropping off implements for the throwers to train with. On our final day together, we sat down with the team and conveyed our expectations, in anticipation of the season resuming down the road. And while it isn’t easy to get out there on one’s own, as we know how critical the concept of TEAM is in this sport, I’m proud of our athletes for their perseverance during these challenging times.

We have very high hopes for both squads this season. On the womens’ side, the return of PIAA State record setting Talitha Diggs sets the tone immediately. Julia Hernandez and her javelin are sure to make noise as well. Emma Szydlow and Emma Bernstein add a nice punch to the middle distance/distance gals as well as Emma Rohn and Mikayla Fluck in the hurdles.
While those aren’t the only strengths on these squads, it gives some recognition to what I witnessed in the short time that I’ve spent with them prior to our departure due to COVID 19.
 I’ll close with a short quote that was in the Morning Call as Talitha was the feature story. “It’s a chance for all of us to figure out who we are beyond sports…but I trust in God’s plan”. Truer words were never spoken and so let’s remain optimistic as we face this serious disease together and beat it.”

SVHS Head Track & Field coach, Ed Kolosky

Hang in there SV Track and Field, the Source is with you!

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