3 Percent Raises Approved for Some L. Saucon Staff

Lower Saucon Township Council voted 3-1 Monday to approve three percent raises for township adminsitrators and department heads. Under the agreement, the new salaries will be as follows:

Township Manager – $90,431
Assistant Township Manager – $64,490
Police Chief – $89,603
Finance Director – $58,382
Public Works Director – $65,653
Zoning Officer – $70,369
Administrative Assistant – $39,315

Councilwoman Priscilla deLeon, who voted against the increases, requested from Cahalan that a chart with information about what all township employees earn–with benefit costs included–be provided to council. Township resident Gene Boyer called the raises “very generous” and questioned why the township’s so-called “non-uniformed employees,” such as office clerks, aren’t also receiving three percent raises. Cahalan explained that those employees are covered by a union contract that is currently being renegotiated. The police (“uniformed employees”) are covered by a different contract.