Are You Communicating With Your Angels?

All throughout our everyday lives, our angels are communicating with us through various ways, whether we realize it or not. Join us to learn about all the ways angels communicate with us and how we can in return communicate with them.

Are You Communicating with Your Angels?

Join us for an enlightening workshop and discover that your angels are communicating with you whether you know it or not. We will discuss all the signs that show us they are there and willing to help guide our path. This workshop is for ages 13 and up. Please rsvp in order to hold your seat. Thank you!

The Archangels & Crystals

If you love working with angels and crystals you’ll want to attend this amazing workshop which will teach you about the archangels and the crystals you can use to connect with them.

Archangels 101

In this workshop we will learn all about the main archangels, the abilities they have and how they can help us throughout our journey.

Who Were You in a Past Life?

In this workshop we will engage in a Past Life Regression meditation with Brian Weiss and then have a discussion about what happened during the meditation.

Connecting to Color

In this workshop you will learn about the effects that color has in your life, and the reasons why we are attracted to certain colors.