‘It’s About the Joy,’ Hellertown Resident Says of His Christmas Lights

The work is time-consuming and sometimes tedious, but it doesn’t bother Hellertown resident Donald Mills that it takes him weeks to fully decorate the outside of his home in the 400 block of Birch Road with Christmas lights. Mills has been following the same meticulous approach to decorating with lights for years, and it’s paid off in the form of fame as a destination on the premier local Christmas lights “circuit.” As Mills explained during a recent interview, it took him a number of years to accomplish his goal of inclusion on Morning Call columnist Bill White’s annual list of recommended displays in the Lehigh Valley. He studied other light displays, and eventually developed his own unique approach to decorating with lots and lots of lights. In fact, this year he expects to string about 17,000 bulbs all around his two-story home.