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Hellertown Karate Instructor Awarded ‘2019 Master of the Year’ Title

Saucon Valley Karate Academy, which is located in Hellertown, had 44 competitors who collectively took home 56 medals participate in a recent multi-state championship in the Poconos. Academy owner Master Philip J. Geiter was promoted to 5th degree Master at the championship.

Saucon Valley Karate Helps Build Leaders (Sponsored)

When most people think of karate they tend to think of Bruce Lee movies and being able to break a wooden board in half with a single swift chop. That’s all well and good, but at Hellertown’s Saucon Valley Karate Academy, owner and chief instructor Phil Geiter, places much emphasis on the mind-over-matter benefits of this most ancient of martial arts.

Karate Studio Opens in Hellertown

A studio that specializes in teaching little ones to adults the ancient Korean martial art of tang soo do has opened on Water Street in Hellertown, in a building that formerly housed a consignment shop. Owner and fourth degree black belt Master Phil Geiter said in a recent interview that tang soo do is essentially a Korean form of karate. A more detailed explanation is found in a brochure about the sport that Geiter has created. According to the brochure:
Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art whose roots can be traced back almost 2,000 years. It incorporates hand and foot techniques, self defense, traditional forms (hyungs), sparring, and weapons training which help build a strong, well-rounded martial artist.