Your Puzzle’s Beauty is Limitless: Spiritual Corner With Amy

Take risks, try new things, stop taking things personally, take time to heal the parts of you that need it, write that book, take that trip and laugh as much as you can. Do whatever makes your heart sing in order to fill in your puzzle and create the most beautiful picture.

Who Was St. Patrick…And Why Do We Celebrate Him?

March 17 is a day full of green: green beer, green cabbage (and corned beef), green shamrocks and green clothing (sometimes worn by leprechauns). For many people it’s a day to gather at local pubs and bars to celebrate Ireland’s patron saint. But why do we celebrate this man, on this day, with this color–and lots of beer? Who was St. Patrick?

A Grateful Heart on Thanksgiving

Through some of the darkest moments in life a light can shine through the tiniest of cracks. If we turn and witness that light, life can become a little less heavy and a bit more promising.