The Sacral Chakra

In this workshop we will learn all about the sacral chakra and engage in a sacral chakra meditation. If you work with crystals, you will also learn what crystals benefit our sacral chakra.

Animals & Our Chakras

Were you aware that we have animal spirit guides residing within each of our seven main chakras? We do! In this workshop you will learn what each one is and why they are there. You will also learn how they aid in helping our energy flow.

The Root Chakra

If you suffer from anxiety or feel like you can’t get yourself grounded, you will want to join us for this workshop. You will sleep better, your eyes will stop twitching and you’ll feel calmer once you learn what to do to keep the energy in your root chakra flowing properly.

Are You Communicating With Your Angels?

All throughout our everyday lives, our angels are communicating with us through various ways, whether we realize it or not. Join us to learn about all the ways angels communicate with us and how we can in return communicate with them.

Clearing & Smudging Workshop

Join us as we learn how to clear and smudge our energy as well as our homes. Each person will take home a piece of sage and learn some protection techniques.