Saucon Valley Naturalist: Dozens of Bird Species Can Be Heard Along Trail

Est. Read Time: 2 mins

I took a short walk Saturday on the Saucon Rail Trail. It was a beautiful morning and a great way to start a weekend! There are some trees already starting to flower; from the inconspicuous red maple flowers, to the showy flowers of the cherries and magnolias. The big focus of the morning was to listen for birds, and even during my short stroll I was able to hear around 27 common species. Here is the list.

Saucon Valley Naturalist: Look for Signs of Winter Plant Damage

Est. Read Time: 2 mins

This winter was pretty rough on everything, including the plants around Saucon Valley. As the full effects of the cold weather, ice and snow are becoming apparent, now is a good time to head out and look at the trees and shrubs on your property. The combination of freezing temperatures along with heavy snow and ice storms has resulted in a variety of plant damage. I have outlined a few of these below. Desiccation of Plant Tissue or “Winter Drying”


This is probably the most common problem you will see around town.