The Sacral Chakra

In this workshop we will learn all about the sacral chakra and engage in a sacral chakra meditation. If you work with crystals, you will also learn what crystals benefit our sacral chakra.

Strawberry Full Moon Release

Let’s kick off summer with a brand new mindset! Release all your worries and negative emotions, circumstances and even people under the full moon energy. Join us on June 17 from 7 to 8 p.m.

The Root Chakra

If you suffer from anxiety or feel like you can’t get yourself grounded, you will want to join us for this workshop. You will sleep better, your eyes will stop twitching and you’ll feel calmer once you learn what to do to keep the energy in your root chakra flowing properly.

Full Worm Moon Release

Join Amy for her next full moon release where you’ll let go of everything that no longer serves you for your highest good. Let go of negative emotions, situations and people. Let go of the past. Let go of any fear you have.

Are You Communicating With Your Angels?

All throughout our everyday lives, our angels are communicating with us through various ways, whether we realize it or not. Join us to learn about all the ways angels communicate with us and how we can in return communicate with them.

Are You Communicating with Your Angels?

Join us for an enlightening workshop and discover that your angels are communicating with you whether you know it or not. We will discuss all the signs that show us they are there and willing to help guide our path. This workshop is for ages 13 and up. Please rsvp in order to hold your seat. Thank you!

Turning Negative into Positive with Archangel Jophiel

Have you ever started your day, stubbed your toe and immediately thought, “Great, this is how my day is going to go” and that’s exactly what happened? Join us as we discuss how to change that mindset of yours. Maybe you were raised in a negative household where there was a lot of negative talk. Maybe you are in an environment surrounded by negative people who seem to take you down to their negative level.This could be work, family & even friends. We will discuss energy vampires and how to protect yourself against them.

Full Snow Moon Release

Join us as we release all attachments to negative people, places, situations, things and mindsets under the full snow moon. Bring a ceramic mug or bowl in order to burn paper.

Course in World Religion With Dr. Laurene Bowers

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the five different major religions? Join us as we explore the five major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam in this six-hour course, spread over three Sundays.

Walking Away from a Narcissist

Many of us have experienced a narcissist at one time in our lives. Join us as we discuss narcissistic behavior and how to walk away from it in this class at Sacred Space.