The Good Life With Chris: Revolutions’ Paint Nite is a Relaxing, Fun Night Out

Editor’s Note: The Good Life With Chris is a new column on Saucon Source in which Chris Fluck will experience activities, services and products sold or offered by local health and wellness-related businesses/organizations. To suggest a business or activity for Chris to visit/experience, please email The motivation for The Good Life column came from an issue that arose almost one year ago. I was having pains in my chest and weird “tremors” in my heart some nights before I fell asleep. I decided to go to the doctor.

How Well Are You Using Your 168 Hours?

There is not a day that goes by that someone does not say to me: “I really want to work out, but I don’t have any time. And healthy eating? That’s too much work!”

Whenever I hear these excuses, I remember a friend asking me: “What did Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein and Michelangelo have in common?” Don’t think too hard. The answer is obvious–they each had 24 hours a day to accomplish what was truly important to them. In the course of a week, you have 168 hours at your disposal.