‘Large Sum of Marijuana Seized’ from Car, Police Say

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Credit: Wikipedia (image in the public domain)

A marijuana "bud" nugget (FILE PHOTO)

Lower Saucon Township Police said in a news release issued Tuesday that a “large sum of marijuana” was seized during a vehicle stop Nov. 23 at Route 378 and Old Philadelphia Pike.

A marijuana "bud" nugget (FILE PHOTO)

Credit: Wikipedia (image in the public domain)

A marijuana “bud” nugget (FILE PHOTO)

Police said they discovered the drug after a car driven by Saul Ortiz, of the 2000 block of Easton Road, Lower Saucon Township, was stopped for several alleged traffic violations at approximately 11:46 p.m.

Police identified a passenger in Ortiz’s vehicle as Elisamuel Colon, of the 800 block of Washington Avenue, Bethlehem, and said that through an investigation Colon was “revealed…to have recently used an illegal drug.”

Police said Colon “admitted to having more (of the drug) within the vehicle.”

After Ortiz granted permission for officers to search his car, police said the marijuana was discovered and seized.

According to police, “Colon intentionally tried to hide the contraband and did so without Mr. Ortiz knowing.”

Ortiz was cited for a traffic violation, and Colon was arrested on a charge of possession with intent to deliver as well as on two outstanding warrants, police said.

One thought on “‘Large Sum of Marijuana Seized’ from Car, Police Say

  1. I have two points to make:

    1. It is never a wise idea to allow police to search your car, your house, or your person. Always be polite and never physically resist— but never consent to a search either. If they search you anyhow, you can use that lack of consent to your advantage later (depending on the circumstances).

    2. Prosecuting cannabis use, sale, or posession is an appalling misuse of the Lower Saucon Township Police Department’s time and resources. I don’t care if this man (or these men) had an intent to sell the cannabis, nor do I care if they were going to go home and get as stoned as it is physically possible to get before passing out. Though the penalties in Pennsylvania are nothing like they have been in the past (you’ll get probation for a first-time offense, depending on how much of the plant you have), the penalties shouldn’t exist in the first place. What I would care about is if they got stoned out of their mind before driving.

    Hopefully the warrants that Mr. Colon were arrested for were for legitimate crimes.

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