Salt Halotherapy Hellertown

‘The Sweetness of Salt’ Brings Halotherapy to Hellertown

Est. Read Time: 4 mins

What are 2,200 pounds of loose pink Himalayan salt imported from Pakistan doing on the floor of a storefront in Hellertown? That’s a good question for ‘The Sweetness of Salt’ owner Jillian Rossi, who getting her fair share of inquiries about the halotherapy center she’s about to open at 45 W. Water Street in the borough.


‘The Aging Moon’ Takes Charcuterie Out of the Box and Into Homes

Est. Read Time: 3 mins

Abby Hudock is owner of the Aging Moon, a new charcuterie delivery service through which she shares her love of artisan food pairings with the Lehigh Valley. While she includes meats, fruits and various other delectable ingredients on her charcuterie boards, cheese is the star of every platter.

Ahart's Food Desert

With Ahart’s Set to Close, Concern Over Food Insecurity Grows

Est. Read Time: 4 mins

Ahart’s Market in South Bethlehem has offered healthy and affordable food options to locals for nearly 20 years, however that’s about to change. The neighborhood grocery store recently announced it will close April 30 due to what it said were profitability issues related to COVID-19.