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February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness: How to Help Prevent This Epidemic (Op-Ed)

Between sixth and twelfth grades is when violent behavior will begin in intimate relationships, and one in three teenagers will be in an abusive, unhealthy relationship by the time they finish high school. Females between the ages of 16 and 24 are three times more likely to be abused by an intimate partner. Continue Reading →

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Superfan Contest: Vote for Saucon Valley’s Biggest Eagles Fan!

The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the New England Patriots this Sunday in Super Bowl LII, and local fans of both teams are pumped ahead of the big game. The Eagles have the “home team” advantage among football fans here in the Saucon Valley, which is why Saucon Source asked readers to submit their “superfan” photos on Facebook, and we thank all of you who did. Now it’s time to vote for the BIGGEST superfan in Saucon Valley from among the following entries–which are all awesome! The contest will end at 11:59 p.m. Friday, Feb. 2, so be sure to cast your vote before then. Continue Reading →

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A Letter from the Publisher: Please Subscribe to Our Newsletter

A newsletter is an alternative, convenient way to get all the news you need. With the recent changes announced by Facebook–changes that are expected to affect how you see news in your personal news feed–subscribing to our newsletter will help ensure that you’ll never miss seeing another important local news story. Continue Reading →

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There IS Hope and Help if You’re Depressed: Spiritual Corner with Amy

Depression isn’t something you can just force yourself out of. Professional help and the possibility of medication are sometimes necessary–sometimes for a short time, and other times for a lifetime. There are also other ways to help yourself feel better, including meditation and helping others. Continue Reading →

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