COVID Vaccine St. Luke's

Op-Ed: Pro-Life is Pro-Vaccine

Est. Read Time: 3 mins

Ryan Bizzarro (D-3) serves as the House Democratic Policy Committee chairman in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. He represents Washington, McKean and Millcreek (part) townships as well as Edinboro and McKean boroughs in Erie County. A life-long Catholic, he says supports use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, which is manufactured using stem cells.

GameStop Stock

GameStop Stock Saga Shows Strength of Young Investors

Est. Read Time: 5 mins

The disruption to the stock market has shown the public’s strength as stock market investors, and inspired many people to begin investing. Many young people and redditors alike have decided to start investing as a hobby after seeing the amount of money made by those who followed the spike in GameStop and AMC stock.

Dont Quit Substitute

Don’t Quit… Substitute! Bar Talk With Eric Bartosz

Est. Read Time: 6 mins

If your first month of 2021 did not match up to the expectations you set for yourself, it’s no reason to lose confidence in your goal, but it may be an excellent prompt to consider refining your eating technique to hit your target weight goals.

Inauguration Op Ed

Op-Ed: HS Students Should Have Watched Inauguration in Class

Est. Read Time: 4 mins

A funny thing happened on Inauguration Day in the Saucon Valley School District, and probably a number of other local districts as well. Some students watched the presidential inauguration live, some students didn’t, and a number of parents, students, teachers and others on both sides of the decision in both cases became upset about it.

Time Law Productivity

Let’s Break the Law: Bar Talk With Eric Bartosz

Est. Read Time: 7 mins

Parkinson’s Law states that the amount of work expands to fill the time available for its completion. Productivity and procrastination go hand-in-hand with Parkinson’s Law, and the first step in increasing the former while decreasing the latter is focusing your awareness of how this time creep is taking place in your own life.

2020 in 2020 Eric Bartosz New Year 2021 Bar Talk

Getting It Done in 2021: Bar Talk With Eric Bartosz

Est. Read Time: 8 mins

We can probably all agree that it’s an unrealistic expectation that the world will suddenly be back to normal with a flip of the calendar page. What we can do is take steps to make sure it becomes the year we envision it to be.