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‘Dental Tourism’ Savings Can Come at High Price: Word of Mouth With Dr. Clarke Woodruff (Sponsored)

Having a dental procedure performed in another country at a significant savings may seem appealing, but if something goes wrong the financial implications can be staggering, and obtaining legal recourse is nearly impossible, says Dr. Clarke Woodruff, DMD, of Hellertown. Continue Reading →

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Oil And Chip

Poll: Do You Support the ‘Oil and Chip’ Road Maintenance Method?

Tell us what you think by voting in our poll. Do you think the use of oil and chip is a good thing, because it saves local municipalities and the state (and ultimately, taxpayers) money? Or would you rather see its use abandoned in favor of more frequent–and costlier–road paving projects? Continue Reading →

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E-Textbooks vs. Physical Textbooks: How Should SV Students Learn? (POLL)

The subject of whether or not students in an AP psychology class at Saucon Valley High School next year should each receive a physical textbook as opposed to an electronic version of the book (aka an “e-textbook) drew sharp criticism from a parent and divided the Saucon Valley School Board at its meeting Tuesday. Share your thoughts about this new way of learning by voting in our poll. Continue Reading →

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