Hellertown Library

Letter: Hellertown Library Must Move Forward Without Lower Saucon

Est. Read Time: 3 mins

Jayne Shinko says the Hellertown Area Library should “plan a future without Lower Saucon,” and that Borough Council should also demand an audit and reimbursement of borough funds that have been used to subsidize library services for township residents in recent months.

BAR40 Life Report Card

Why You Should Have an ‘Adult Report Card:’ Bar Talk With Eric Bartosz

Est. Read Time: 5 mins

Instead of the report cards of our youth listing all of the subjects we have in school, an adult report card can include our top four or five priority areas. For example, perhaps your career is at an all-time successful high (A+), but your eating habits have taken a big hit working late hours and relying on drive-thru windows twice a day as your primary meal source. (Diet: D-)

Ukraine Russia Invasion War

LV Congresswoman Calls Ukraine Invasion ‘Barbaric War of Choice’

Est. Read Time: 3 mins

U.S. Rep. Susan Wild (D-7) called Russian president Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine “the most severe threat to European security and stability since World War II.” In a letter to her constituents, Wild noted that the Lehigh Valley is home to “one of the largest and most vibrant Ukrainian American communities in the United States” and offered support to area residents in need of assistance due to the conflict.

Hellertown Library

Hellertown Library Will Continue to Serve LST Residents (Letter)

Est. Read Time: 8 mins

Hellertown Area Library Board of Trustees president Ken Solt says in his letter that in spite of a lack of funding from the township, the library will “continue free library services to LST residents for the time being.” Solt also provides insight into conversations with state library officials in which he says it has been learned that the current situation “has no known precedent in the Commonwealth.”