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Saucon Source LLC was founded in 2014 as an independently-owned and operated digital media company. Since then, the business has grown from an idea founder-publisher Josh Popichak is passionate about–providing community online news–into a name that is synonymous with innovation and excellence in local reporting.

Instead of relying on paywalls or subscriptions is supported by local advertisers and sponsors … businesses owned by people like you. We invite you to review our rate card, which is designed with every type of business and budget in mind.

2020 Rate Card

Why advertise on Saucon Source?

Community: We’re a small business that’s proud to support our community and the small businesses that are its lifeblood. Our readers trust Saucon Source for local information, including advertising, which is why we deliver results no one else does.

Reach: stories and posts received more than 350,000 pageviews this spring (March 21 to June 21, 2019). The site received an average of more than 85,000 monthly visitors during the same period.

Frequency: Saucon Source is updated daily with the news that matters most to Saucon Valley area readers. Thanks to our unrivaled network of local sources, we are often the first media outlet to break Hellertown area news.

Innovation: We offer a variety of digital display advertising other media outlets don’t, which is why we like to say, “When other advertisers tell you ‘no,’ Saucon Source says ‘YES.'” As proof of this commitment we now offer animated ads. The possibilities with animation are endless and we will work with you to come up with the look and feel that best suits your business. Please see below for an example of an ad created for a local cafe.

Flexibility: publishes online 24/7/365, so there are never any deadlines and changing your ad is as easy as telling us what you want, how you want it to appear and how long you’d like it to run.

Content: In addition to our regular editorial content, we offer advertiser-specific sponsored content. When you advertise for a month or longer you receive at least one complimentary sponsored story, which you can use for anything from highlighting news about your business to announcing a new product or service. Saucon Source will work closely with you to tell your story in a way that will be engaging for readers (and potential customers).

Influence: At Saucon Source LLC we are local influencers on social media, where Saucon Source currently has more than 9,800 Facebook and 2,500 Instagram followers. Others get our news via Twitter and LinkedIn. Our popular email newsletter has more than 2,400 subscribers.

Growth: Products and features now under development will further grow our readership and reputation. Our recently launched monthly photo contest, Lehigh Valley Lens, is also attracting new readers to Saucon Source.

For more information about advertising opportunities, please contact Josh Popichak at 610-442-3370, or via Facebook.

How does advertising on Saucon Source work?

Saucon Source offers two different zones for display advertisers: the title zone and the content (or regular) zone, and dozens of types of ads through our hosting provider Broadstreet ads.

Need to reach a lot of people in a hurry, with a message they can’t miss? The title ad zone is the premier and most prominent advertising space on the Saucon Source website (example specs: 450 pixels wide by 150 pixels high). Several ads may run in rotation in this zone at a time. Your business or organization’s ad will attain higher visibility when running in this zone, which is prominent on page loads on both mobile devices and desktops.


An example of a title zone ad.

Need a larger ad that offers more flexibility? In that case our content zone ad (specs: 375 pixels wide with variable height) is a perfect choice. Square or rectangular ads in this zone can display more text and more graphics, and appear above and below stories, as well as alongside them when viewing the site on a desktop.

Saucon source advertising

An example of a content/regular zone ad.

Choose from a wide variety of ad types–including animated, photo gallery, social media-integrated and more–available via our partnership with Broadstreet Ads. Below are several examples of them. Please click here to see more of the types of ad from which you may choose.

Need an updated professional photo for use with your ad? We can take one for you and include it in your package price.

NEW! Local Real Estate Advertising Opportunity

Saucon Source has teamed up with HomeSpot Media in Bethlehem to offer realtors who utilize their photography and videography services an exclusive discount on display advertising, sponsored content or both. Please email Josh Popichak at or Chad Clauser at to learn more.

Real estate ad one-sheet advertising


Sample Real Estate Ad: Your ad can feature a video of your listing!

How many people will my ad reach?

Your ad’s reach will vary and depends on several factors, including the zone you choose to run it in and most importantly the amount of traffic on the site while it is running. Typically any ad that runs for a week or more will receive upwards of 10,000 impressions and 20 or more clicks.

What do I receive with my ad?

Free ad design is included, but we’re also happy to work with you if you’d like to design your ad or use a graphic designer. Just ask us for sizing information.

Your ad is linked to a webpage, such as your homepage or social media page. Included with every ad purchase is a complimentary post about your business on the Saucon Source Facebook page. Your ad will also appear in the Saucon Source newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

Also included with your purchase of an ad run of one month or longer is at least one complimentary sponsored story (a $100 value). Use your story to remind readers about what makes your business special, to promote an upcoming event, to celebrate an achievement or for something else. The choice is yours, however we’re always happy to help you brainstorm ideas. We’ll work with you to make sure you’re happy with your story, from the photos that accompany it to how it’s presented. Note: Sponsored stories may also be purchased separately (click here for an example).

Related to sponsored stories and available on a limited, seasonal basis are our sponsored series. A sponsored series is underwritten by a local business or organization, whose name is highlighted in the headline and in a sentence at the end of the story. Typically, Saucon Source offers sponsored series opportunities to help subsidize our coverage of high school sports such as football and wrestling. The sponsorships come with display ads and typically require a commitment to sponsor a 10-story (minimum) series. Please email publisher Josh Popichak at for more information.

A word about nonprofit advertising

Saucon Source understands that nonprofit organizations often have limited advertising budgets, which is why we offer them a 50 percent discount on display advertising and a 20 percent discount on sponsored content.

All local nonprofits are invited to use our free community events calendar to promote their upcoming events. Simply create and sumbit your event here.

What are you waiting for?

As a small business our commitment is to our community, just like yours is. That’s why we want to invest in your business’s success. Thank you for considering advertising with us. We look forward to talking with you soon.

For more information about advertising, please email Saucon Source publisher Josh Popichak at or use the form below.

Disclaimer: Please note that we reserve the right to reject advertising submitted for publication at any time. An advance proof is provided to each advertiser prior to their ad’s publication. We will do our best to make timely corrections to a “live” ad if warranted, however Saucon Source LLC is not responsible for any errors or omissions that the advertiser failed to discover during the pre-publication review process.

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