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Below you will find our updated rate card, containing pricing information for our two display ad zones. All display ads are priced according to zone and campaign length.

2023 Rate Card


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Saucon Source content received more than 1.1 million pageviews in 2022. Our coverage area in east central Pennsylvania includes–but isn’t exclusively limited to–these areas:

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Our History

Saucon Source LLC was founded in 2014 as an independently-owned digital media company for the purpose of publishing Since then, the website has grown out of publisher Josh Popichak’s passion for producing top-quality community news into a platform that is an integral source of information in the Saucon Valley.

As a locally-owned small business, revenue is crucial to our survival, and local advertising sales are our biggest source of revenue. Advertiser dollars fund the news that is available to all. As an advertiser, your ad will not be hidden behind a paywall. We believe in open news platforms, which is also why we work tirelessly to ensure that every advertiser is satisifed with the results from their campaign, as the testimonial below highlights.

Josh and Saucon Source have been an invaluable resource. Their partnership has helped to grow our small business and serve the local community. -Pins N’Needles

Why advertise on Saucon Source?

Community: We’re a small business that’s proud to be part of a thriving local business community. As such, we support community causes and organizations, and encourage others to do so whenever possible. Two ways in which we’ve helped our community are with Project Keep Hellertown Warm and a holiday food drive to benefit local food banks.

Reach: Saucon Source ads are viewed by tens of thousands of unique visitors to the site every month. For the most up-to-date traffic data, please email jo**@sa**********.com.

Frequency: Saucon Source is updated daily with timely, local content.

Innovation: We offer a variety of digital display advertising other media outlets don’t, including video advertising. We’ll be happy to provide you with a demo of our ad suite.

Flexibility: publishes online 24/7/365, so there are never any hard deadlines. Changing your ad is as easy as telling us how you’d like us to update it for you.

Sponsored Content: In addition to news content, we create custom content for both businesses and nonprofits. Purchase a sponsored story by itself or in combination with a display ad as part of a package. Use it to help customers learn about your latest offer, your new team member, to celebrate a milestone achievement or simply to remind the community about what makes your business special. We’ll work closely with you to tell your story in a way that will engage readers and motivate them to become customers.

Influence: Saucon Source news and advertising are shared on social media and elsewhere. As of April 2022 the Saucon Source Facebook page had more than 13,000 followers. We’re also on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our Monday-Wednesday-Friday newsletter, with more than 5,800 subscribers, features all current display ads.

Growth: Saucon Source traffic is strong and growing, as is our coverage area. We’re exploring new opportunities and welcome your suggestions. To share an idea or ask a question, please contact Josh at 610-442-3370 or jo**@sa**********.com.

How does advertising on Saucon Source work?

Saucon Source offers two zones for display advertisers–the title zone and the regular zone–and dozens of types of ads through our hosting provider Broadstreet ads.

The title zone is the most prominent ad zone on, with ads appearing above our masthead. Up to five campaigns may run in rotation in this zone at one time.


An example of a title zone ad.

Our regular zone offers visibility with flexibility. Square or rectangular ads in this zone display more text and graphics. These ads appear on the right side of the homepage on desktops and laptops. On mobile devices they appear in between homepage stories. On all devices they rotate to appear above and below content on individual article pages.

Choose from a variety of ad types–including video, photo gallery, Instant Instagram and more–available from our ad server, Broadstreet Ads. Click here to see more examples.

Red Door ELC ad

Above, an example of a regular zone ad on Saucon Source. These ads can be square or rectangular, and may be oriented in landscape or portrait sizes to suit the needs of the advertiser. Regular zone ads appear on the right side of the homepage on desktop and laptop computers, and in between featured stories on the homepage as it is displayed on mobile devices. On individual article pages they appear above and below the story text on all devices.





How many people will my ad reach?

Your ad’s reach will vary according to several factors, one of which is the length of your campaign. We are able to track the number of impressions and clicks each ad receives via our server. This information is available upon request in the form of a campaign report.

What do I receive with my ad?

Free ad design with Canva is included, but you can also design your own ad if you prefer. Just ask us for the specs and we’ll work with you to make sure your ad looks fantastic.

Your ad is typically linked to a website, such as your business’s website or social media page. Included with most ads is a complimentary post about your business on the Saucon Source Facebook page. Your ad will also appear in the Saucon Source newsletter.

Nonprofit, church & local government advertising

Saucon Source understands that registered nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations, churches and local governmental agencies often have limited advertising budgets, which is why we provide a 50 percent discount on all display advertising to these select clients.

Learn more

Thank you for considering us for your next campaign. For more information about advertising please email Josh Popichak at jo**@sa**********.com or call 610-442-3370.

Disclaimer: The advertising rates listed above are current as of April 21, 2022. Please note that Saucon Source LLC reserves the right to reject advertising submitted for publication at any time, for any reason. A proof is provided to each advertiser prior to their ad’s publication. In the event they are deemed necessary, we will do our best to make timely corrections to an ad. Saucon Source LLC is not responsible for any errors or omissions an advertiser failed to discover during the pre-publication review process.

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