DA: Unexploded Bombs Could Still Be Live Throughout Upper Bucks

Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub said Tuesday that some explosive devices allegedly deployed earlier this year by suspected Upper Bucks bomber David W. Surman Jr. and his alleged co-conspirator and girlfriend Tina May Smith could still be live and a danger to members of the public. Devices have been linked to explosions in Milford Township, as well as Ottsville and Upper Black Eddy.

Upper Bucks Explosions

Woman Charged as Co-Conspirator in Upper Bucks Bomb Case

The girlfriend of a Milford Township man accused of setting off bombs and causing a series of explosions that terrified many residents of rural Upper Bucks County in the spring has been charged as a co-conspirator as part of the ongoing investigation, the Bucks County Office of the District Attorney announced Friday.