Halloween Trick or Treat Hellertown

Could Trick-or-Treat Date in Hellertown Be Changed?

Est. Read Time: 3 mins

Although Hellertown borough officials conducted a poll two years ago to determine when residents would prefer that Trick-or-Treat be held–with council members opining that the event should forevermore be held according to the majority’s wishes–one Hellertown councilman told his colleagues Monday he thinks the date should be reconsidered.

Eviction Ban Homes

With Federal Eviction Ban Extended, Help For Pa. Renters Possible

Est. Read Time: 3 mins

Pennsylvanians who are behind on rent got another few months of stability Monday, when the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that an eviction ban scheduled to expire on March 31 would endure through the end of June.

Ahart's Food Desert

With Ahart’s Set to Close, Concern Over Food Insecurity Grows

Est. Read Time: 4 mins

Ahart’s Market in South Bethlehem has offered healthy and affordable food options to locals for nearly 20 years, however that’s about to change. The neighborhood grocery store recently announced it will close April 30 due to what it said were profitability issues related to COVID-19.