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Loss of Casino Funds Means 2 F/T Hellertown Police Officers Losing Jobs, Council President Says

The invalidation last year by the Pennsylvania courts of the landmark gaming law that provided for municipal host fees, and the failure of the state legislature to do anything to remedy the situation is the reason why two full-time Hellertown police officers are being laid off, borough council president Tom Rieger said Thursday. Continue Reading →

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Attorney Wins LST Council Democratic Primary, Will Challenge 2 Incumbents

An Allentown attorney and Lower Saucon Township resident ran unopposed on the Democratic primary election ballot for a seat on township council, and will face off against incumbent Republican councilmen Glenn Kern and Ron Horiszny–both of whom are running for re-election–in the November general election. Continue Reading →

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Borough Council Approves Request to Have NJ Avenue Block Party

After discussing concerns about emergency vehicle access and whether or not all the neighbors on the street would be willing to give up access to their properties for a period of time, Hellertown Borough Council unanimously approved a resident’s request to hold a block party in the 1100 block of New Jersey Avenue in mid-June. Continue Reading →

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