St. Luke's Bethlehem Bone Awards

St. Luke’s Joins National Network of Children’s Hospitals

Est. Read Time: 2 mins

St. Luke’s University Health Network announced Wednesday that it is now a proud member of the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA). Membership in CHA represents St. Luke’s ongoing commitment to improving the health of children and improving the quality, safety and cost of pediatric health care.

Jack and Chris Sanders Game Autism

Lost–Then Found–Game an Emotional Haven for Boy with Autism

Est. Read Time: 4 mins

When young Jack Sanders feels the threat of sensory over-stimulation, he reaches for his father’s cell phone or iPad. The 10-year-old, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, seeks refuge in the Joe Danger online game for its calming effects. But suddenly one day in 2020, the game vanished from the phone’s screen.

Removing Mask

St. Luke’s University Health Network Relaxes Masking Requirements

Est. Read Time: 2 mins

In what may feel like a breath of fresh air depending on what your views are, St. Luke’s University Health Network has relaxed masking requirements at all of its hospitals and other health care facilities in Pennsylvania; another sign that the coronavirus pandemic is finally easing, nearly two years after it began.

BAR40 Life Report Card

Why You Should Have an ‘Adult Report Card:’ Bar Talk With Eric Bartosz

Est. Read Time: 5 mins

Instead of the report cards of our youth listing all of the subjects we have in school, an adult report card can include our top four or five priority areas. For example, perhaps your career is at an all-time successful high (A+), but your eating habits have taken a big hit working late hours and relying on drive-thru windows twice a day as your primary meal source. (Diet: D-)