Community Journalism

Why Community Journalism Matters (OP-ED)

Est. Read Time: 4 mins

Community journalism involves a set of knowledge-skills every bit as societally important and hard to learn as practicing good carpentry or probate law, or applying calculus to problems of fluid mechanics. The alternative to it is a news desert, which is why local media like Saucon Source need our support.

Racehorse St Lukes

Lehigh University Wrestling Legend Names Racehorse for St. Luke’s

Est. Read Time: 4 mins

As the winningest and most celebrated wrestler in the history of Lehigh University, Mike Caruso knows the thrill of garnering public accolades and attention from the news media. These days the Saucon Valley resident names racehorses in honor of people, places and things he cherishes, to give them the spotlight he feels they have earned.

Fireworks Upper Saucon

Township Has Bad News for Residents Who Want Fireworks Restricted

Est. Read Time: 2 mins

Ever since Pennsylvania amended its consumer fireworks law to allow the purchase of more powerful fireworks four years ago, many residents have been asking for the law to be rescinded or revisited due to a proliferation in their use in residential neighborhoods, where increased noise and other quality of life issues have been the focus of complaints.