Chewin’ the Fat: Q & A With New SV Head Football Coach Brad Trembler

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The day after being named Head Football Coach of the Saucon Valley Panthers, Coach Trembler met with his team.

On January 7th, Phil Sams resigned as Saucon Valley head football coach after compiling a 27-10 record over three years.  Last week, with unanimous approval from the Saucon Valley school board, the Panthers have their new guy in place.  Thirty-six year old Brad Trembler, who served last season as Saucon Valley’s special teams coordinator, was named as Sams’ replacement.  Trembler also coached Ian Csicsek and the rest Saucon’s running backs as well as Patrick Morrissey and the defensive ends last season.  Just married last June before joining the Panthers, Trembler formerly coached at Spring Valley High School in Las Vegas, Nevada for seven years.  While out west, Trembler served as Spring Valley’s assistant head coach and offensive coordinator.  As a student-athlete, Trembler played for Emmaus and Millersville University as an offensive and defensive lineman.

The other day Saucon Source caught up with Coach Trembler to welcome him and have a little chat. Check out what he had to say!

Saucon Valley Little Panthers Youth Football

Q:  You served as an assistant to Coach Sams last season and have a feel for Panther Nation. What is it you like best about football at Saucon Valley?

 A:  The small town feel and support from the community. That fire truck escort out of town for the District XI championship game was an amazing experience.

Q:  What would you say are the cornerstones of your football coaching philosophy?

A:  The philosophy of the staff and the program will be to develop the athletes as people first and athletes second.  We will also put the safety of the players above everything else while making sure we are putting the players in the right spot to maximize their abilities.

Q:  How would you describe your coaching style? What would you say is your best coaching attribute?

A:  We will always be striving to build the best program as possible for the players. The best attribute of the staff will be how invested we are in the kids and their experience.

For the five straight season, the Saucon Valley Panthers advanced to the District XI Final.

Q:  What is the biggest change Panther fans can expect to see under a Brad Trembler coached football team?

A:  There isn’t a whole lot that needs to be changed, but we want the fans to see a group that flies around, loves to compete and has the time of their lives on Friday nights.

Q:  How do you feel about multi-sport athletes?

A:  We will encourage multi-sport athletes. When kids play multiple sports they are constantly developing new skills and learning how to compete.

Q:  Aside from wins and losses, what other measures of success do you value?

A:  The only measurement of success is how we, as a program, develop our student athletes as people. How we prepare them for the rest of their lives is far more important than any wins or losses.

Dante Mahaffey and the rest of the Saucon Valley Panthers are looking toward the future.

Q:  Can you share a couple of personal or team goals that you have for the upcoming season?

A:  The only goal for this season and every season, is that we maximize every player’s high school football experience. As a program, we need to be relentless in our effort to make sure that our student athletes max out the ROI (return on investment) in their experience as part of the Saucon Valley Football program.

Q:  Coaches can be considered among the most honorable of thieves. They often borrow ideas and steal concepts to make themselves and their programs better. What is one quality or method you will take or “steal” from your experiences with Coach Sams?

A:  Coach Sams is a master at keeping the atmosphere of the program light enough that everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves but also being able to drop the hammer and keep people in line when need to be.

Q:  Before last season, you coached for seven years at Spring Valley High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. What was the best thing about coaching high school football out there?   What did you find to be the biggest challenge?

A:  The best thing about coaching in Vegas was the relationships that were developed with other the coaches and athletes. It is also a great place to try out different ideas and figure out what works and what doesn’t. The biggest challenge was the lack of organization within the Clark County School District.

The Jungle will be welcoming Trembler as their new head football coach.

Q:  You met with your players the day after the school board approved you. You shared with the players your mantra of “Relentless Effort”. Can you tell us a little more about this idea?

A:  We want the kids to understand that their effort fuels everything, so when they are relentless with their effort they will always be getting the most out of themselves.

Q:  Another mantra you seemed to emphasize is the idea of “We over Me”. Can you tell Panther Nation what this looks like?

A:  For the program to reach its full potential, we need everybody in that locker room, coaches included, to put the best interest of the program before their personal goals and agenda. If we have a program full of players and coaches that are more concerned about the guy next to them moreso than they are about their own interests, then we will have a lot of success.


Good luck Coach, the Source is with you!

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