Saucon Spring Sports Shoutout: Baseball

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The 2020 Saucon Valley High School baseball team.

With the closing of Pennsylvania schools due to the Coronavirus comes the suspension of the 2020 PIAA  Spring sports season.  Saucon Valley student-athletes, like all other disheartened student-athletes across the state, are prohibited from practice and competition for the time being.

For the first time in many, many years the Spring preseason got underway with premium weather conditions. On Monday, March 9th the campus was buzzing with activity.  The season, however, grinded to a halt on Friday the 13th with an announcement made from the Saucon Valley School District that pulled the plug on sports and restricted the use of campus facilities.  This directive came on the heels of Governor Wolf’s order to close all Pennsylvania schools for two weeks due to the Coronavirus pandemic. All Pennsylvania schools are now shuttered indefinitely.

As joyful as it may be for some students to not have to wake up early and travel to school during the mandated closure, approximately 285 Panther student-athletes are, no doubt, suffering heavily from cabin fever and, with a heavy heart, restlessly craving to be reunited with their extra-curricular passion.  It is with this recreational injustice in mind that Saucon Source wants to spread a little love and shine a warm spotlight on those who are currently house-bound and benched due to COVID-19.

Here is a little tribute to your 2020 Saucon Valley High School baseball team!


  • Rocco Viscito
  • Kevin Schoch
  • Austin Strunk
  • Liam Buck
  • Sean Royer
  • Brandon Binn
  • Braydyn Lugardo
  • Matthew Deibert
  • Ronnie Werkheiser
  • Cole Curtis
  • Zach Nicholas
  • Jake Klotz
  • Mason Sysak
  • Stephen Hlavinka
  • Chris Medei
  • Gabe Montero
  • Erik Smith
  • Aiden Renninger

SENIOR POWER!:  Kevin Schoch, Brandon Binn, Braydyn Lugardo, Matthew Deibert, Cole Curtis, Zach Nicholas, Mason Sysak, Stephen Hlavinka, Gabe Montero and Aiden Renninger


  • Jacob Albert
  • Kevin Tiedemann
  • John Mitchell
  • Joseph DiRusso
  • Cody Swinney
  • Aiden Lenner
  • Yamil Quintana Cintron
  • Austin Shive
  • Logan Wasel
  • Nathan Iorio
  • Jacob Huber


  • Head Coach:  Gary Laub
  • Assistants: Phil Sams, Mike Kiak, Bob Frey, Bob Kessler, Chris Moughan, Cam Kessler
  • Scorekeepers:  Bill Frey and Ty Kessler

Coach’s Quote:

“We came into this season looking for senior leadership to lead us back into the League and District Playoffs.  We will have a nice blend of experience and youth. 

A fitting quote from Baseball Hall-of-Famer Bob Feller:”Every day is a new opportunity.  We are going to build on yesterday’s success or put its failures behind and start over again.  That’s the way life is, with a new game everyday, and that’s the way baseball is.”

We will deal with this adversity and get ready to lace them up when the opportunity allows us.”

SVHS Head Baseball Coach, Gary Laub

Hang in there SV baseball, the Source is with you!

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