Borough Hall Public Works

Hellertown Curb Ramps Will Soon Be Completed

A Hellertown curb ramp replacement project that was supposed to be wrapped up weeks ago should be completed this week, engineer Bryan Smith of Barry Isett and Associates told borough council Monday night. Smith said that as of Monday, three sidewalk ramps still needed to be completed. The project was drawn out because some of the handicapped-accessible ramps were not initially completed to Americans With Disabilites Act (ADA) specifications and had to be redone, zoning and codes enforcement officer Kris Russo confirmed. “The sidewalk pads that had been marked out with yellow spray paint failed and were not accepted,” Russo said in an email after speaking with Smith. “The contractor had to remove and replace (them) at his own cost.” Russo explained that “the unaccepted areas failed because of either quality of workmanship or conformance to the plans.”

Is Parking Behavior Out of Line at Hellertown Post Office?

A May 2 Facebook post about people who illegally park next to a fire hydrant while visiting the Hellertown post office on Delaware Avenue has gotten a lot of feedback. The original post by Liz Thompson was written on the Hellertown, Pennsylvania Facebook page, which has about 1,000 members. “You know you’re in Hellertown when it is completely acceptable to park in front of a fire hydrant because you’re ‘just running into the post office,'” Thompson wrote. “A fire can spread quicker than you may think. Have a little respect for the law and the men and women who will gladly put a fire hose through your car, to get to the hydrant you are blocking, to put out a fire. You having to walk more than five feet likely won’t kill you, while a fire most certainly could.”