Two Panthers Place in Wildwood’s “War At The Shore”

As usual on Easter weekend, the Wildwood Convention Center is all about wrestlers taking part in War at the Shore.

On Easter weekend, nearly 2,000 wrestlers participating in several different divisions headed to South Jersey in order to take part in the 14th annual “War at the Shore” sponsored by the Atlantic Coast Wrestling Association.

It is a monster tournament that includes weight classes ranging from 35 lbs. through 287 lbs.  The tournament also includes divisions for Girls, Adults as well as the Boys.

The Wildwood Convention Center is the setting for War at the Shore.

“War” is a two-day, double elimination competition that takes place inside the oceanfront Wildwood Convention Center located right on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey. Most wrestlers are from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware, but hundreds others made the trip from New England, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

It is truly a national tournament.  There were contestants from as far away as Michigan and Texas.  One grappler even came all the way from Alaska to compete against some of the best wrestlers from around the United States.  Among the 1,747 contestants were thirteen wrestlers from the Saucon Valley program.

Saucon Valley competitors in the 2017 War at the Shore

  1. Gavin Chunko (1st Grade, Bantam 48 lbs.)
  2. Ashton Beckowski (3rd Grade, Midget 63 lbs.)
  3. Carter Chunko (3rd Grade, Midget 58 lbs.)
  4. Aiden Grogg (4th Grade, Midget 68 lbs.)
  5. Hector Mateo (4th Grade, Midget 63 lbs.)
  6. Landon Beckowski (5th Grade, Midget 83 lbs.)
  7. Cole Hubert (5th Grade, Midget 63 lbs.)
  8. Mason Beckowski (6th Grade, Junior 106 lbs.)
  9. Jake Jones (6th Grade, Junior, 106 lbs.)
  10. Tyler Pfizenmayer (6th Grade, Junior 99 lbs.)
  11. Travis Riefenstahl (6th Grade, Junior 77 lbs.)
  12. Matt Moran (9th Grade, Intermediate 128 lbs.)
  13. Jason Jones (11th Grade, High School 147 lbs.)

Two Saucon Valley wrestlers, Jake Jones and Tyler Pfizenmayer, earned 2nd Place finishes this year!

Karen Jones

Saucon sixth grader Jake Jones sporting his War at the Shore trophy.

Jake Jones’ Path to the Podium: 

  • Round of 32:  winner by Technical Fall (16-1)
  • Round of 16:  winner by Decision (7-0)
  • Quarterfinals:  winner by Fall (0:14 seconds)
  • Semifinals:  winner by Major Decision (10-1)
  • Finals:  loss to Jack Wehmeyer (Red Hawk)
  • True 2nd Place:  winner by Decision (4-3)

Lisa Pfizenmayer

SV sixth grader Tyler Pfizenmayer wrestled great to earn a 2nd Place finish at War at the Shore.

Tyler Pfizenmayer’s Path to the Podium:

  • Round of 32:   winner by Fall in (0:16 seconds)
  • Round of 16:  loss to eventual Champion Matteo Vargo (Smithfield)
  • Consolations 1:  winner by Technical Fall (18-3)
  • Consolations 2:  winner by Decision  (6-4)
  • Consolations 3:  winner by Major Decision (13-2)
  • Consolations 4:  winner by Fall in :27 seconds.
  • Consolations Semi-Finals:  winner by Decision (4-2)
  • Third-Fourth Place:  winner by Decision (4-2)
  • True 2nd Place:  winner by Decision (4-2)

SV’s Jake Jones talking some strategy with his Corner Men (Father, Mike and brother, Jason) during his Quarterfinal bout

The strategy seems to be working for Jake Jones.

Tyler Pfizenmayer of Saucon Valley saying “Hello” Pfizzy style.

Now, Pfizzy says “goodbye”.

The Panthers Carter Chunko looking for another takedown.

Aiden Grogg trying for back points.

Sixth grader Mason Beckowski in control and getting his back points.

Travis Riefenstahl trying to shoot for two.

Competitors from as far away as Texas and Alaska travelled to participate in War at the Shore.

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