SVMS Welcomes Author Caitlin Alifirenka To Headline Literacy Week 2018

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Meredith Lesney

Amanda Dettmar gives a thumbs-up to Alifirenka's true story.

Saucon Valley Middle School will host author Caitlin Alifirenka as part of their annual Literacy Week festivities.

Once again, Saucon Valley Middle School pays homage to Literacy Week.  Starting tomorrow, students and staff in the middle school will participate in a variety of activities to celebrate and promote literature and reading.  The headlining event has been a guest author spending time with students.  Past authors during the Literacy Week festivities include Matt Myklusch and Josh Berk.

This year the Panthers will welcome Caitlin Alifirenka who is a 2003 graduate from North Penn High School. On Monday, she will share with students her background, ideas and thoughts surrounding her New York Times best selling true story “I Will Always Write Back:  How One Letter Changed Two Lives”.

Check out this review of Alifirenka’s I Will Always Write Back by SVMS student Amanda Dettmar….

Meredith Lesney

Amanda Dettmar gives a thumbs-up to Alifirenka’s true story.

The book I Will Always Write Back, by Caitlin Alifirenka, is a heartwarming true story about two kids who get pen pal assignments in school, and it spirals out to create a loving, wonderful friendship between them. Their friendship grows and thrives even though they are on two different sides of the world.

Caitlin, who lives in Pennsylvania, was assigned a pen pal project. She chose to write to a student from Zimbabwe. Through their letters, she discovers a world so different from her own. She wrote to Martin Ganda, a boy who was living in poverty. They became fast friends, but Martin shields Caitlin from the poverty that he has to live with, as he doesn’t want to scare her off.  From clues he leaves in his letters, Caitlin eventually finds out what his world is like and begins to try to help him have a better life.

I think the book was very inspiring, and I highly recommend others to read this book. I believe this book will inspire people to have empathy for others who are not as fortunate as themselves.

Author, Caitlin Alifirenka is coming to visit Saucon Valley Middle School on May 14th to present to the  7th and 8th graders during our literacy week. The literacy week was made possible because of the support of the Saucon Valley Foundation for Educational Innovation.

Amanda Dettmar

In addition, to spending time with Alifirenka, Panther students are scheduled to participate in creative, literacy-themed activities including D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read), scavenger hunts, trivia and faculty book-shares.  It sounds like a fun and unique way to celebrate Literacy Week!

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