SVHS Hosts 2019 Senior Awards Night

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The 2019 SVHS Award recipients.

On Tuesday, Saucon Valley High School hosted their annual awards night.  Students and their families filed into the high school auditorium to take part and witness evening’s presentations.  Principal Tamara Gary, Assistant Principal Tom Halcisak, Athletic Director Bob Frey and a few distinguished guests bestowed dozens of awards to dozens of Saucon seniors.  In addition, Class of 1996 graduate, Jaime Wohlbach was inducted into Saucon Valley Athletics Hall of Fame.

The following students were honored for their efforts and accomplishments:

The Bauder Scholarship

  • Cecelia Zimmerli

Cecelia Zimmerli earned the Bauder Scholarship.

AAUW Scholarship (Bethlehem Branch)

  • Lauren Weintraub

Saucon senior Lauren Weintraub accepts one of her awards from Mrs. Gary.

Bethlehem Apparatus Company Award

  • Galina Reilly

Galina Reilly accepting her scholarship from Mrs. Gary on behalf of the Bethlehem Apparatus Company.

The Carolyn Snellman Memorial Scholarship

  • Evan Honsel

The Snellman Scholarship was presented to Evan Honsel.

Ernie Savakis Scholarship

  • Mary Johnson
  • Patrick Zuber

Mary Johnson accepts the Savakis Scholarship.

Steven C. Shermetta Memorial Scholarship

  • Katherine French
  • Ryan Holub

Steven Shermetta Jr. recognizes Ryan Holub with a scholarship that honors Shermetta’s father.

David W. Lang Memorial Scholarship

  • Kiele Riefenstahl
  • Ryan Holub

Dr. Sandra Fellin PASA Scholarship

  • Carl Barrell

Carl Barrell picks up PASA Scholarship Award.

Saucon Valley Women’s Club Scholarship

  • Sarah Duffy

The Hellertown Lion’s Club Scholarship

  • Sarah Duffy

file photo

Sarah Duffy earned multiple awards.

U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award

  • Katherine Naiburg
  • Tim Weaver

‘Battle-Kat’ Naiburg earned the USMC Distinguished Athlete Award.

Tim Weaver picked up the USMC Distinguished Athlete Award.

Colonial League Academic All-Stars

  • Sydney Oskin
  • Evangelos Hahalis

Kevin Haggerty Memorial Scholarship

  • Jenna Skillinge

Jenna Skillinge was recognized for her talents on stage.

The Prosser Foundation Memorial Scholarship

  • Lauren Weintraub
  • Brandon McIntosh
SV Homecoming Court Zoe Zaharakis Brandon McIntosh

file photo

Brandon McIntosh, shown here with Zoe Zaharakis as a member of the Homecoming Court, was awarded the Prosser Scholarship.

The Rhonda Smith Memorial Scholarship

  • Nicholas Millets

file photo

Nick Millets was awarded the Rhonda Smith Memorial Scholarship.

The Roland J. Wotring Scholarship in Memory of M. Louise Neuweiler Wotring

  • Madelyn Schaffer
  • Josh Jones

Saucon senior Maddie Schaffer (left) was awarded the Wotring Scholarship.

Saucon Valley Alumni Association Scholarship

  • Sarah Duffy
  • Ryan Holub

Ryan Holub accepts his award from the SV Alumni Association’s Louise Trexler (1964) and Ken Bloss (1967).

Saucon Valley Education- Montford E. Illick Award

  • Sydney Oskin

Saucon Valley High School Faculty Award

  • Zoe Zaharakis

On behalf of the SVHS faculty, Cheri Chisesi presents Zoe Zaharakis with her scholarship.

Saucon Valley Teachers Award

  • Allison Martins

Allison Martins earned the Saucon Valley Teachers Award.

Saucon Valley Theater Award

  • Jenna Skillinge
  • Evan Honsel

Silver Creek Country Club Service Award

  • Serafina Johnstone
  • Evangelos Hahalis

Seri Johnstone was recognized with the Silver Creek Country Club Service Award.

Evangelos Hahalis was recognized with the Silver Creek Country Club Service Award.

Travelers Protection Association of America Altruism Award

  • Lauren Weintraub

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award (Bethlehem Chapter)

  • Sydney Oskin

USMC Scholastic Excellence Award

  • Sydney Oskin

The future is bright for Sydney Oskin!

Saucon Valley Athlete of the Year Award

  • Kiele Riefenstahl
  • Josh Jones

Jane Rieger Scholarship Fund

  • Jared Harka
  • Josh Jones

Josh Jones and Jared Harka picked up the Jane Rieger Scholarship Award.

The Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Program Scholarship Award

  • Brooke Riefenstahl
  • Kiele Riefenstahl

Mr. Halcisak along with Kiele and Brooke Riefenstahl.

National School Choral Award

  • Jenna Hoff
  • Patrick Zuber

Jenna Hoff picking up her National Choral Award.

Patrick Patterson-Zuber was recognized for his efforts on the field and on stage.

The Elmer Gates Enterprise Award

  • Thomas Coffin
  • Riley Martin

The Elmer Gates Scholarship was presented to Thomas Coffin.

Saucon Valley Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Jaime Wohlbach- SV Class of 1996

Jaime Wohlbach (Class of 1996) was recognized by Bob Frey and inducted into SV’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

Great job Panthers, the Source is with you!

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