Bees Knees Bakery Near Hellertown Has Farm-to-Table Philosophy

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Bees Knees Bakery

The Bees Knees Bakery at Honeycomb Creek Farm is located at 3001 Moyer Road, Hellertown, PA. The business is currently having a soft opening that will culminate with a grand opening July 20, owners Dennis O’Connell and Nicole Zane said.

The owners of a new bakery near Hellertown are having a soft opening and hoping area residents will soon stop in to confirm whether their baked goods and other offerings truly are “the bees’ knees.”

The Bees Knees Bakery at Honeycomb Creek Farm is located at the intersection of Moyer Road and Rt. 412, about five minutes south of Hellertown on the way to Springtown.

Owners Nicole Zane and Dennis O’Connell explained Friday that they recently hired veteran baker Gail “The Queen Bee” Hinkle of Germansville to run the business, which is located in a red roadside stand that resembles a miniature barn.

It’s an appropriate look for the building that represents the fruit of the couple’s recent farm-to-table labors.

Zane and O’Connell said they keep their own bees–producing roughly 12,000 pounds of honey from 300 hives annually–and raise chickens that produce eggs which are also used in the bakery’s products.

“We have a whole orchard in the back,” said O’Connell.

“Everything is fresh and local,” he stressed, adding that they will soon add breakfast and lunch sandwiches featuring local Saylor’s & Co. meats to their expanding menu.

They also hope to sell a Hellertown company’s teas at the bakery, which will offer coffee and cappuccino to go in addition to refrigerated beverages such as Boylan’s sodas and Joe Tea bottled teas.

Refrigerated drinks for sale at The Bees Knees Bakery at Honeycomb Creek Farm in Springfield Township, Bucks County.

Zane is a doctor at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and O’Connell is an engineer, however both said they are passionate about fresh, local food and the role it plays in helping to sustain the environment.

That’s why they also provide disposable straws, spoons and cups that are compostable and biodegradable.

Once the Bees Knees Bakery has its grand opening July 20, they said they hope to begin offering vegetarian and gluten-free breakfast and lunch options in addition to what’s already available: authentic New York bagels, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cupcakes, jarred honey, snacks, soft-serve ice cream and other frozen treats.

An everything bagel at The Bees Knees Bakery at Honeycomb Creek Farm in Upper Bucks County. Baked fresh on site, the bagels are made with authentic New York City bagel dough, owner Dennis O’Connell said.

“We want to be that place where you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy vegetarian sandwiches,” said Zane.

She added that leading up to the grand opening, The Bees Knees Bakery will be offering daily specials that will be advertised on its Facebook and Instagram feeds.

There is currently bench seating outside, with more seating on the way.

The Bees Knees Bakery accepts credit cards and currently is open Fridays 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The plan is to open the bakery significantly earlier (at 5 a.m.) Monday through Thursday to help draw in the many commuters who pass by it daily on their way to work, Zane and O’Connell said.

The hours may be adjusted as they develop a regular clientele and a better understanding of when they will be stopping in for breakfast and lunch, they added.

“We’re going to serve really delicious food with a really friendly head chef,” Zane promised.

The Bees Knees Bakery is located at 3001 Moyer Road, Hellertown, PA 18055.

A website for the business is under construction, however its social media channels (Facebook and an Instagram feed for Honeycomb Creek Farm) are being updated regularly.

Major credit cards are accepted, there is a parking lot in front of the store and there is a handicapped-accessible public restroom available for customer use inside the business.

Packaged ice cream sandwiches are already selling like the proverbial hotcakes at The Bees Knees Bakery, according to owners Nicole Zane and Dennis O’Connell.

The Bees Knees Bakery’s ice cream menu includes sundaes, milkshakes and more.

A patriotic cupcake for sale at the newly-opened Bees Knees Bakery in Springfield Township near Hellertown.

Many of the baked goods at the Bees Knees Bakery are made with honey from bees that are kept at Honeycomb Creek Farm.

The baked goods counter at the Bees Knees Bakery is filled with freshly-baked bagels, cinnamon rolls and cookies.

A feather flag along Rt. 412 outside the newly-opened Bees Knees Bakery advertises its soft-serve ice cream.

The Bees Knees Bakery provides customers with disposable utensils that are biodegradable.

The Bees Knees Bakery’s parking lot is ‘green’ in keeping with the owners’ belief in promoting environmental sustainability.

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