No Rain Date Ep. 24: Haunted Lehigh Valley with Ellen Flynn

No Rain Date Haunted Lehigh Valley Ellen Flynn
No Rain Date
No Rain Date Ep. 24: Haunted Lehigh Valley with Ellen Flynn

If you enjoy scary stories and local history, No Rain Date Ep. 24 is one you may have to listen to more than once. Writer and explorer of the Lehigh Valley area’s haunted places, Ellen Flynn, joins us to share five spine-tingling tales of old that involve murder, ghosts and the unexplained. You’ll find out: Who was Tambour Yokel? Who is rumored to walk along Constitution Drive after dark? What horrors unfolded high on Hawk Mountain just after the Civil War? What gruesome event gave Easton’s Getters Island its name? And what makes Hexenkopf Rock possibly the most haunted place in Northampton County? Pull your seat a little closer to the proverbial fireplace and listen… Coach Rief has a preview of this weekend’s sure-to-be-exciting football game featuring Saucon Valley vs. Palmerton (watch it LIVE on YouTube on the Saucon Athletics channel Friday, Oct. 16 at 7 p.m.) and Josh has a roundup of the latest local news, along with an important message about how to become a Saucon Source member and support the local news you value.

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