Hellertown History: A Brief History of Telephones in Town

In an era when many people go without landlines–in favor of their cell phones–the notion that a landline was once considered a luxury may seem quaint. But for much of the 20th century, telephones in the home were a novelty and certainly not something to be taken for granted. And Hellertown was no exception.

Hellertown Train Station Railroad

Hellertown History: How Hampton Avenue Got Its Name

Today the only real reminder of what was once the planned Hellertown suburb of Hampton is a short borough street named Hampton Avenue. But more than 150 years ago, Hampton’s planners hoped their community’s proximity to a new railroad line would help to create a mini land boom just north of Hellertown.

Who Was St. Patrick…And Why Do We Celebrate Him?

March 17 is a day full of green: green beer, green cabbage (and corned beef), green shamrocks and green clothing (sometimes worn by leprechauns). For many people it’s a day to gather at local pubs and bars to celebrate Ireland’s patron saint. But why do we celebrate this man, on this day, with this color–and lots of beer? Who was St. Patrick?