Man Said Marijuana to Treat Anxiety is ‘Federally Legal,’ Police Say

Lower Saucon Township Police say a township man who was allegedly in possession of a small amount of marijuana was charged after he told them he uses the drug to treat anxiety and that it is “federally legal” to do so.

In a news release Wednesday, police said Jovanti Martz, of the 3500 block of Rt. 378, was reported to them as an “unwanted guest” in his home on the afternoon of March 10.

Police said the woman who reported him as an unwanted guest in her home said Martz had entered her room and gone through her items, and also allegedly “shoved her, almost pushing her down the stairs” when she confronted him about it.

Police said the woman also said she smelled marijuana in the area of Martz’s room.

Authorities said an officer confirmed “an extremely strong odor of marijuana.”

“Upon speaking with Jovanti he began ranting about the distant past,” police said. “When instructed to focus on (the present) Jovanti admitted to pushing (the woman) from the room.”

“When confronted on the presence of marijuana, Jovanti handed the officer two grinders containing green brown vegetable matter, two glass smoking devices and a bag containing raw green brown vegetable matter,” police stated in the news release. “Jovanti stated he uses marijauna for his anxiety, which he claimed was ‘federally legal.'”

According to police, the vegetable matter that was seized tested positive as marijuana.

Martz is charged with harassment, possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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