Panther Play of the Week: The EFFORT by Curtis Clifford (Brought to You by Hellertown Bakery)


Curtis Clifford

Friday night’s 54-6 victory against Northern Lehigh had no shortage of spectacular plays.  There were numerous offensive and defensive highlights that could easily be worthy of this weekly honor.  But, for those of you that missed it Friday night, former Panther running back Bill Binczak observed this particular play and pointed it out as his “Krunch Time!” award.

Click here to watch the fantastic EFFORT of Curtis Clifford.  It is a little tough to see, but Curtis is the first Panther down the field on the kickoff team.  At full speed he “trucks” the double-team attempt of two Bulldog blockers, gets tangled and falls to the ground.  The whistle did not blow, so Curtis gets up, kicks free and is rewarded with a one of a kind special teams tackle!

This is a must see for any “Little Panthers” out there.  You can ALWAYS control your EFFORT!


Great Job Curtis, the Source is with you!

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