Tax Changes Have You Anxious? H&R Block in Hellertown is Here to Help (Sponsored)

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H&R Block is located at 13 Main St., Hellertown, in the Shoppes at Hellertown shopping center (FILE PHOTO)

The tax changes that became law late last year won’t affect your 2017 tax return, but many taxpayers already have questions and are looking for answers from trusted professionals. They need look no further than H&R Block in Hellertown, which was founded as a locally-owned franchise in 1980, making this their 38th tax season serving the Saucon Valley.

H&R Block is located at 13 Main St., Hellertown, in the Shoppes at Hellertown shopping center (FILE PHOTO)

The experienced staff at H&R Block in Hellertown have been busy training for Tax Season 2018 since September, and busy learning about the changes and how they’ll affect you practically since the moment the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed.

While these changes won’t affect your 2017 return, the new laws could reduce or increase what you owe for 2018.* And as H&R Block’s experienced staff prepare your 2017 taxes this season, they can discuss potential adjustments to help you get your best tax outcome in the future.

The bottom line is that nearly every taxpayer is expected to feel the impact of the recent tax law changes, with families, homeowners and high-tax state residents likely to be among those most impacted.

3 Key Tax Reform Takeaways

  • Standard deductions and personal exemptions have changed.
  • Implementing certain strategies now can maximize your refund for next year.
  • Virtually all taxpayers will be impacted, some more than others.

The more you learn now, the better prepared you can be to handle whatever changes may affect you, and H&R Block Hellertown–which is open year-round–will be there to assist you every step of the way.

H&R Block offers tax return preparation of individual and small business returns including LLCs, Partnerships, C&S Corporations, Non-Profits and Sole Proprietorships. They also offer small business services, including bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, 1099 and sales tax preparation.

Promotions this year for January and February include a Refund Advance loan of up to $3,000 against your tax refund, with no fees and zero interest. Clients can also be entered to win a 50-inch flatscreen TV just for referring a new client who completes an eligible return by April 15 (see store for additional terms and conditions; no purchase necessary).

H&R Block also offers to prepare any return which can go in a 1040EZ Form at no charge ($39 for state and local returns, if desired). As always, they will compare this year’s return with last year’s return to see the changes, and then project what next year’s return may look like. With the new tax reform bill just passed many things will change.

“We’re here to help you understand how these changes will affect you personally,” franchise owner Bob Messbauer said. “Make an appointment or come by to see us. We look forward to seeing you soon!”

The H&R Block office in Hellertown is located at 13 Main St., in the Shoppes at Hellertown shopping center.

Call 610-838-6639 to schedule an appointment or stop by at your convenience. The office is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. The office is open Sundays. Please call for Sunday hours.

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*Every tax situation is different. See a Tax Pro at H&R Block to discuss your tax implications due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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