When Are Lower Saucon Township Roads Being Visited by the Sweeper?

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Winter is over and spring is well under way, which is why the Lower Saucon Township Public Works Department is currently in the midst of its annual spring cleanup of streets from winter snow removal operations that left salt and other materials on them.

The sweeping process began in mid-April and usually takes about two months to complete, so if you live or work in the township your street may have already been swept.

The sweeping order is based on the following areas within the township and per the township is rotated annually in order to ensure equality for all of the residents:

  • Seidersville Area (west of Mountain Drive and north of Black River Road)
  • Steel City Area (north of Easton Road to Steel City)
  • Apple Street Area (north of Wassergass Road to Easton Road)
  • Wassergass Area (north of Polk Valley Road to Wassergass Road)
  • Leithsville Area (east of Leithsville Road aka Rt. 412 and south of Polk Valley Road)
  • Bingen (south of Friedensville Road/Black River Road and west of Leithsville Road aka Rt. 412)

Click here to see the list of which township roads have already been swept (those roads are crossed off) and which roads still need to be swept.

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