Panther Play of the Week: Lugardo Gains On Sprint Draw

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Panther senior Braydyn Lugardo

After a few weeks straight of fighting through games that came down to the wire, Saucon Valley was taken out behind the wood shed and beaten badly on Friday night.  The Panthers did battle and the score was close for about half of the game.  But, the wheels wobbled and they did eventually fall off.  There weren’t a whole lot of Panther highlights, but we did find this “sprint draw” that did Saucon some good.  Check it out!

It was the first play of the fourth quarter and the Panthers trailed the Tigers 29-0.  Saucon was on their own 24-yardline and facing a 3rd & 4.  Saucon Valley came out in a 2×2, shotgun set with a tight end to the left.  Braydyn Lugardo was in the backfield lined up to quarterback, Dante Mahaffey’s right.  On the snap of the ball Mahaffey and Lugardo take a few steps to their right showing a “sprint pass” to the right.  But, Lugardo reverse field and comes underneath Mahaffey for a handoff.  It was a well-executed play that gained about twenty yards.

Check out “Sprint Draw Left”!

Up Next: Saucon Valley (5-3) will return home on Friday to host the Notre Dame Green Pond Crusaders (6-2).  Kickoff  is scheduled for 7 p.m.

Good luck Panthers, the Source is with you!

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