Saucon Spring Sports Shoutout: Girls Lacrosse

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The 2020 Saucon Valley High School girls lacrosse team.

With the closing of Pennsylvania schools due to the Coronavirus now comes the termination of the 2020 PIAA  Spring sports season.  Saucon Valley student-athletes, like all other disheartened student-athletes across the state, have now had all practice and competition cancelled.

For the first time in many, many years the Spring preseason got underway with premium weather conditions. On Monday, March 9th the campus was buzzing with activity.  The season, however, grinded to a halt on March 13th with an announcement made from the Saucon Valley School District that pulled the plug on sports and restricted the use ofcampus facilities.  This directive came on the heels of Governor Wolf’s order to temporarily close all Pennsylvania schools due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Then, on Thursday, Governor Wolf announced that Pennsylvania schools will be shuttered for the entire school year.  Shortly following Governor Wolf’s latest announcement, Saucon Valley Director of Athletics, Bob Frey sadly tweeted the cancellation of all remaining 2019- 2020 Athletic Events.

With this latest announcement, approximately 285 Panther student-athletes are, no doubt, saddened that their extra-curricular passion has been stripped away from them by the Coronavirus.  It is with this recreational injustice in mind that Saucon Source wants to spread a little love and shine a warm spotlight on those who have been benched due to COVID-19.

Here is a little tribute to your 2020 SVHS, three-time District XI, Girls lacrosse team!


  • Camryn Zavacky
  • Megan Kane
  • Alexa Guerrieri
  • Kennedy Morgan
  • Katie Marker
  • Sophia Cordes
  • Addison Anthony
  • Kaleigh Hess-Davila
  • Emerson Shauger
  • Lydia Apple
  • Allison Royse
  • Kerry Lannon
  • Maria Donahue
  • Teegan Lannon
  • Maisie Leidich
  • Hannah Robertson
  • Ava Albano
  • Erin Duy
  • Makenzie Shimko
  • Annie Rothacker
  • Sophie Engelhardt
  • Catherine Leidich
  • Caroline Gilbert 
  • Emily Chi
  • Jorryn Kyra
  • Salome Carr 


  • Alexa Guerrieri
  • Kaleigh Hess-Davila
  • Ava Bracalente
  • Riley Happel
  • Teegan Lannon
  • Katherine Ubriaco
  • Hannah Robertson
  • Ava Albano
  • Erin Duy
  • Rachel Starr
  • Dakota Brinker
  • Molly Youells 
  • Aubrey Petersen
  • Sophie Engelhardt1
  • Alexis Budline
  • Devanie McCormick
  • Kasey Royse
  • Olivia Jackson
  • Camryn Gonsalves
  • Emily Chi
  • Jorryn Kyra
  • Hannah Pandey

SENIOR POWER!: Salome Carr, Sophia Cordes, Caroline Gilbert, Lexi Guerreri, Olivia Jackson, Maisie Leidich, Kennedy Morgan, Hannah Pandey, Allison Royse, Annie Rothacker, Emerson Shauger, Rachel Starr and Camryn Zavacky.


  • Head Coach:  Helen Deegan
  • Assistants: Jen Zavacky, Hanna Doerner, Todd Doerner and Taran Campion

Coach Quote:

“It’s been really hard sitting at home when I could be enjoying my first season at Saucon, coaching girls lacrosse.

I have really high hopes for our team and I feel so badly for our seniors.  We have a tight-knit bunch of hard-working girls.  Since I started working with them they have respected my coaching, worked on their drills and they’ve been willing to make changes needed to improve.  I have implemented a different style of play, which will intensify our individual and team strengths.

It was easy to get them to work together and make one another stronger.  I’m looking forward to seeing several players step up as impact players both offensively and defensively.  This team has so many strong individual players, and if we work together, I really believe we can be a force.”

SVHS Head Girls Lacrosse Coach, Helen Deegan

Hang in there SV Girls lacrosse, the Source is with you!

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