Coyote Spotted in Lower Saucon Neighborhood

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Credit: Victoria Opthof-Cordero

The coyote pictured above was spotted trotting along Woodfield Drive in Lower Saucon Township Wednesday morning.

There has been another coyote sighting in the western portion of Lower Saucon Township; the second to occur in that area in less than a month.

Township resident Victoria Opthof-Cordero shared the photos accompanying this story on the Nextdoor app Wednesday.

She said the animal was spotted around 11 a.m. on Woodfield Drive, in the heart of a residential area.

The earlier coyote sighting occurred in late September in a neighborhood on Colesville Road.

Coyotes don’t normally pose a threat to people, however when sightings occur police typically recommend that small children and pets not be left unattended in yards or other outdoor settings.

Once a relatively rare sight, coyotes have been making a comeback in southeastern Pennsylvania in recent years, even as development has sprawled across thousands of acres of land that was once open space.


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