Unique New Restaurant, Good Jakes, Opens in Coopersburg

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A new, unique dining experience has just debuted in Coopersburg. Good Jakes is a family restaurant that combines old-world Greek and Italian cuisine with contemporary American favorites. Owners Angelo Loucareas and Brenda Gutshall Kotroutsos have dedicated their lives to sharing the wonderful flavors they have acquired on their journeys around the world. But serving excellent food is not their only purpose; they also actively serve, support and honor the local fire community.

Good Jakes Coopersburg

Credit: Good Jakes/Facebook.com

Good Jakes is a restaurant serving Greek, Italian and American cuisine that recently opened at 13 S. Main Street in Coopersburg.

Good Jakes began as a fish tavern in Rhodes, Greece. Angelo, a 22-year-old army veteran and cargo ship worker, knew nothing about running a restaurant other than the fact that it was his dream. Soon, his tavern grew in popularity, and tourists and locals alike flocked there for the best seafood on the island. Since then, Angelo has owned 10 restaurants in Europe and America; two olive oil stores; and a tennis academy.

His other half, Springtown native Brenda Gutshall Kotroutsos, comes from a long line of Coopersburg culinarians. She is a direct descendant of George Bachman, who established the Seven Star Hotel & Tavern in 1745 in the same spot where Good Jakes stands today: 13 S. Main Street. Kotroutsos is a tenured restaurateur, having managed Papa Gino’s and other establishments for over 25 years. In addition, she is an accomplished vocalist, and her band Waterfront Blue can be heard regularly on Good Jakes’ patio.

Good Jakes offers a wide range of flavors on its eclectic menu. “I add a touch of class to every dish,” says Angelo. His special ingredients include authentic Greek olive oil, selected herbs and spices, and a decorative edible purple orchid as a final flourish.

Menu items include Greek and Italian specialities such as gyros and lasagna; American fare such as burgers and steak sandwiches; and, as per the restaurant’s tradition, fresh seafood.

Good Jakes’ new presence in Coopersburg doesn’t just provide delicious international cuisine; the restaurant also serves to honor the Coopersburg Fire Company. Brenda’s sister, Pam Page, and her husband, Chris, have “been members of the Fire Company Social Quarters for over 35 years,” she said. The term “Good Jakes” was used in World War I to refer to firefighters, and is now used to describe the bravest, most calm firefighters.

“The Dalmatian on our logo reflects our respect for firefighters as well,” said Angelo.

Good Jakes devotes half of its space to Fire Company Social Quarters members exclusively. This nonprofit organization serves the local fire community. Otherwise, the restaurant is open to the public, and patrons can dine on superb food while contributing to a great cause.

The restaurant is open daily, except Mondays, from noon to 9 p.m. There is a large private parking lot for customers behind the building, which is equipped with a handicapped entrance.

Credit cards are accepted and contactless payment, curbside pickup and delivery are available.

While Good Jakes safely adheres to COVID regulations, they believe “the show must go on,” and live music thrives at Good Jakes. Both indoor and outdoor seating (heated and enclosed) are offered.

For more information about Good Jakes, including their menu and daily specials, visit GoodJakes.com and follow the restaurant on Facebook.

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