Louder, Yerger, deLeon Winners in Township Council Race

According to unofficial election results posted online by WFMZ-TV Channel 69 News Tuesday night, with all eight precincts reporting their vote totals the three winners in a hotly-contested, six-way race for three open seats on Lower Saucon Township are Republican challenger Donna Louder with 1,237 votes, Republican challenger and former township councilwoman Sandra Yerger with 1,162 votes, and Democratic incumbent Priscilla deLeon with 1,148 votes. DeLeon, who has served on council for 28 years, is holding on to her council seat by a razor-thin margin of just seven votes which separate her from the fourth-place finisher in the race–Republican incumbent and current council vice president Tom Maxfield–who has received 1,141 votes, according to the news station’s unofficial results. The fifth and sixth place finishers are David Willard (D-I), with 1,061 votes, and Gary Gorman (D), with 769 votes, according to the news channel. The unofficial results posted on Northampton County’s Elections website were lagging behind those posted by the television news station all evening, with just 50 percent of precincts’ vote totals reported as of 11 p.m.

By 11:30 p.m., however, the county was reporting vote totals from 100 percent of precincts with a slight difference in the numbers reported by WFMZ–but the same results. According to the county’s results, Louder received 1,244 votes (18.89 percent), Yerger received 1,176 votes (17.86 percent), deLeon received 1,157 votes (17.57 percent), Maxfield received 1,154 votes (17.52 percent), Willard received 1,069 votes (16.23 percent) and Gorman received 775 votes (11.77 percent), with 10 votes (.15 percent) cast for write-in candidates.

Letter: Landfill Using ‘Scare Tactics’ to Influence Election, Candidate Says

Note: To submit a letter to the editor please email it to josh@sauconsource.com with “Letter” in the subject line. Letters should be about local issues of general concern. When I ran for Lower Saucon Township Council in 2011, I ran as both a Democrat (my party affiliation) and a Republican. I have taken my council responsibilities to protect the health and welfare of township residents very seriously. I have listened to residents and business owners, kept myself informed and acted in the best interest of the community.

Know the Candidates: 2015 Lower Saucon Township Council Race

The following unedited* responses–listed in alphabetical order by last name–were submitted by the six candidates for three four-year seats on Lower Saucon Township Council. All candidates were given an opportunity to respond to the same questions and to provide a closing statement to help voters better understand their views. Candidates were also provided an opportunity to submit a photo. Please note: Where emphasis is included in the answers below, it was added by the candidates themselves. An (I) after a name denotes an incumbent. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov.