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Letter: L. Saucon Can’t ‘Pretend to Have an Excellent School District’ Without a Home Library

Lower Saucon Township resident Mary Dawson says she and others who want home library services and the PA Access program restored are being ignored.

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Lower Saucon Township was previously a municipal funding partner of the Hellertown Area Library. The township has been without a home library since February. (FILE PHOTO)

Dear editor,

I continue to be appalled at the actions of our Lower Saucon Council Republican members. After a seven-hour meeting for which they forced people to take a day off from work, they finally got around to the library issue and proposed a “digital only” library. I am not at all sure what that means, but it seems to defeat the purpose of a library as a community meeting place, a place for children to be introduced to the joy of books, a source of computer access for those without and an opportunity for book clubs, yoga classes, story times, AARP Tax Aide, genealogy resources and study carrels. And so much more!

We have not had a home library since February and so are not eligible to participate in the PA Access program, which allows card holders to use any participating library in the state. Even if we purchase a Hellertown Area Library card, it does not include the Access program. The committee our Council is proposing only includes Council members and two employees of the Township. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to include residents who are directly impacted by these decisions? Council has shown little interest in community input in their decisions and continue to ignore residents’ wishes.

Please educate yourselves about these issues as well as the landfill expansion. Please join me in voting for the Democratic candidates for Council: Priscilla deLeon, Victoria Opthof-Cordaro and Laura Ray. We cannot even pretend to have an excellent school district if we have no home library.

Mary Dawson
Lower Saucon Township

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