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Local Butcher Responds to Food Safety Inspection Report, News Coverage

If you read an article on LehighValleyLive.com Tuesday about food safety violations at local establishments and wondered why Saylor’s & Co., a well-known and popular Hellertown butcher shop and specialty food purveyor, was on the list with 34 reported violations, business owners, husband and wife Tim Mease and Maria Verzino, want you to know that in their opinion the article and the inspection reports it was based on don’t tell the whole story. Continue Reading →

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Hellertown Church Will Celebrate ‘Bold Women’s Day’ Feb. 25

Bold Women’s Day—observed annually on the fourth Sunday of February—celebrates all Lutheran women who have acted or are acting boldly on their faith. All are welcome at Christ Lutheran Church, 69 Main Street, Hellertown to celebrate the joy of Bold Women’s Day this Sunday, Feb. 25. Continue Reading →

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