Introducing a New Column: Saucon Valley Naturalist

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Hello! My name is Bob Andreucci and I am a science teacher, arborist and all-around nature enthusiast. I started my career nearly 25 years ago as a science teacher in New York. I left teaching to join Bartlett Tree Experts as an arborist and biologist, where I stayed for 17 years. I am now back in the classroom teaching biology, chemistry and environmental science at the high school level, and I love it. Teaching and writing about science is my first passion and I am glad to be working with Saucon Source as a nature correspondent.

There are a lot of ideas for how this regular feature will work, but Josh and I are most interested in hearing from you and finding out what you are interested in discovering more about. One idea is to have regular updates on the nature along the Saucon Rail Trail and answer your questions about the nature around the Saucon Valley. My areas of specialty are trees, birds and conservation biology, so these topics will be featured, but I am open to wherever this journey leads!

I have a few ideas for my first couple of columns, but please leave some comments and I will take your ideas and make a plan.

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