Letter: Hellertown Police, Kids Restore Resident’s Faith in Humanity

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Hellertown Police Vehicle

To the editor:

Bravo to the Hellertown cops. I have been really disheartened lately, as I’m sure many have, not only with all the negativity/terrible events in the states but (also with) what is happening all around the world. It just makes you sick.

However, I went to Water Street Park with the boys the other day, and some kid rode up with his buddy on a bike. He looked panicked and they were looking everywhere in the grass. I asked if he was OK and what he was looking for–his wallet with $27 dollars in it! I asked another lady that was there if she had seen anything and she told us that two young girls found it and said they were going to take it to the police station. I laughed and thought, “Sure they are…” But to make the kid feel better, I called the Hellertown cops and they actually had the wallet. The policeman on the phone offered to bring it right over if the kid waited.

I’m certain my jaw was still on the ground when three to four minutes later, the cop rolled up and handed the wallet over. I thought for sure it would be long gone. I chastised myself for instantly going to “negative nellie” mode.

(The officer) stopped to talk to the kids for a bit. I just watched from the side. It was really nice to see. And it made me so happy to know there are some really sweet, really honest local young women too. They went out of their way to get it back to whom it belonged.

I don’t know if kids are more honest these days or if there is just a better way to communicate to return and retrieve lost items, but when I was that age I sort of knew there was hardly a point to go look for something if you dropped it in a public place, because it was long gone, man…. Finders keepers, losers weepers. Anyway, (this experience) melted a little frost off of my icy cold heart.

Saucon Valley resident*

*The resident requested that her name be withheld. Although withholding names of letter writers is not the policy of Saucon Source, in this case an exception was made because the publisher believes the letter writer’s name is immaterial to the story, and the story deserves to be shared.

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