Starting the Day the Positive Way: The First 17 Seconds Are Key

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Reading this title, for many of you I am sure the word “coffee” came to mind. And that is what used to be my cup of positivity to start the day. However, on my spiritual journey I have learned ways that are more beneficial, more fulfilling to my spirit, and last so much longer than a cup of coffee. In this article I would like to share them with you.

When we first wake up each morning, the first 17 seconds are the most important seconds of our entire day. Those of you who are familiar with the Law of Attraction already know that we are manifesting what we think about, constantly creating our future with each thought, feeling and the words we speak. Do you ever see 11:11? The Universe, spirit, the angels, God–whatever you believe in–is trying to send you a message to keep your thoughts positive. 11:11 means you are rapidly manifesting the moment. You will want to immediately think thoughts of gratitude upon seeing that number. Upon waking in those first 17 seconds, are your first thoughts positive or negative? Your day will tend to flow in the direction that you are thinking in those first 17 seconds. I agree that our mind struggles to think positive when we didn’t sleep well, are tired and maybe aren’t liking where we have to go or what we have to do that day. Those are the reasons why it is so important to change those thoughts immediately. Know that the more we are aware of our thoughts, the faster we can change them, which also makes it easier each moment to be more positive. Rather than coffee or any substance in the morning this is what I do to ensure a day full of happiness and manifesting positive results.

1. Wake up in gratitude. Smile, take a deep breath and say, “I am grateful for this day. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful and excited to be able to start a new day and see what is in store for me. I am grateful to be able to spread love and light today!” I am usually petting my cat who is sleeping next to me at this time. Pets are a huge source of joy.

2. I will hug my pillow and think thoughts of gratitude for having a safe place to rest my head knowing that some do not. Sometimes I will even say or think, “I love my pillow!”

3. I call in a higher power to lead the day, affirming that I am in good hands, protected, grounded and trusting my gut (Divine guidance), and aware of the signs that tell me I am on the right path. For each person the signs can be different. I see hearts, feathers, cloud formations, words and repetitive numbers. I hear certain songs, conversations or advice from a friend that resonates with what my day entails, etc.

4. I get up, look out the window and embrace whatever the weather is. I take three deep breaths while I thank God for the sun or the rain.

5. I head to my kitchen where my music is, where I feed the animals and make myself breakfast. Seriously, breakfast is extremely important. I have been choosing a song or two to start my day, since music is one of the most uplifting things for our spirit. Right now my first song is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and my second is “Play That Song” by Train. It helps that if my daughter is up she will sing, too. There’s nothing like the higher vibrations of two people in the house starting their day off right.

Do this for 21 days straight in order for it to become a habit. And please, add your own twist. You can always Google “affirmations” to change it up. Just please stay away from the harsh news and angry music while preparing for your day. When I have a quiet house and the time, I will meditate before getting out of bed, too.

Now let’s say that your alarm never went off and now you’re late. That can cause instant uprooting. Deep breaths, my friends. When you get into the habit of thinking positive, you will be able to take deep breaths and remind yourself that everything happens on divine timing, not ours. There was a reason your alarm didn’t go off, whether or not you see or understand that. When you allow a higher power to guide and protect you, circumstances come about that may anger you until you realize that it was all for the best in the end. If your morning starts this way, before you go running off, breathe deeply a few times and really try to feel your feet. Can you feel them? If not, you are still uprooted. Please try to ground yourself before you leave the house. Being in anxiety in the beginning of your day can really cause havoc for the rest of it. The techniques I have used for grounding are:

1. Calling in Archangel Michael (or St. Michael) to ground me.

2. Visualizing roots going from the bottom of my feet into the earth. At times the bottom of my feet will tingle.

3. Going outside and putting my bare feet in the grass.

4. Carrying the crystal Tiger Eye. (There are other grounding crystals but this one is my favorite.)

5. Wearing red or black (or both), which are grounding colors.
Try to stay away from harsh energy, caffeine, sugar and anything that could easily uproot you.

Once you are on your way to wherever you are going, put on music that uplifts you, repeat affirmations, state what you are grateful for, and keep breathing and feeling your feet. You can even set intentions for the way your day will go. I love to ask for signs for I know I will always get them.

Driving to work one day a few years ago when my life was very uprooting and I was not aware of what we can do to ground ourselves, I asked for a sign. I already knew I was going to be late due to unfortunate circumstances getting my son to school. It’s amazing that other people can really uproot us, especially the ones we love. I remember crying, praying, trying to find hope in what seemed like an endless situation. Going over the Hill-to-Hill Bridge someone cut in front of me and literally squeezed between me and the person in front of me. I was already uprooted and now instantly felt angry. I looked at their license plate which had the word PEACE on it. Talk about quick divine intervention. I instantly felt better. I thanked God and the angels for my sign and truly felt gratitude. When I arrived at work, all was well. Now, I have learned how to start my day in a way where no matter what happens, I may get uprooted for a moment, but can easily get back to reminding myself that everything passes, there is a lesson in all we go through and positivity and gratitude are the keys to manifesting the day we desire.

Amy Musser, a Hellertown resident, is a spiritual adviser and the owner of The Angel Whisperer based at Sacred Space in Hellertown. She was diagnosed with grade 3 astrocytoma, a type of brain cancer, over the summer of 2016. She documents her progress fighting the disease and shares inspiration on her Facebook page.

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