Twelve Days of Panther Football Record Holders: Alstan Wolfe (Brought to You by FC Steel)

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Alstan Wolfe

Alstan Wolfe

On the twelfth and final day of highlighting Panther football record holders, Saucon Source is thrilled to recognize senior Alstan Wolfe.

Alstan wore #5 while playing quarterback and defensive back for the Panthers. He stands 5’11” and weighs 175. Alstan is a “super-freaky” athlete. He was recognized by the Colonial League for his athleticism on both sides of the ball. He was also honored for his punting ability. In addition to setting numerous Panther records, Alstan proved to be an amazing, human-highlight treasury when competing on the football field.

Alstan simply dominates the Panther record books. He is tops in Career Punt Return Yards (263), career interceptions (15) and Season Receiving Touchdowns when he had eleven in 2016. He is also tied for 1st in Season Interceptions (6). Alstan is 3rd in Career Receiving Touchdowns (15). He holds the 4th spot in Career Kickoff Return Yardage (723), Season Total Points (154), Career Total Points (252), and Season Touchdowns (25). Wolfie is tied for 4th in Career Touchdowns (41) and tied for 6th in Career Tackle Assists (74).  He is 8th in Career Solo Tackles (96). Alstan is 9th in Season Touchdown Passes, 9th in Career Receptions (40) and tied for 10th in Career Touchdown Passes (11). He is 12th in Season Tackle Assists (36), tied for 13th in Season Rushing Yardage (1,280) and 14th in Career Rushing Yardage (1,292) and Season Solo Tackles (43). He holds the 15th position for Longest Runs From Scrimmage (73 yards, 2017) and is tied for 20th in Season Rushing Attempts (156, 2017).

Who is 1st in Career Punt Return Yards? Alstan Wolfe (263)

Who is 1st in Career Interceptions? Alstan Wolfe (15)

Who is 1st in Season Interceptions? Mike Shreve (2006), Robbie Kressler (2008) and Alstan Wolfe all have 6.

Who is 1st in Season Receiving Touchdowns? Alstan Wolfe (2016) had 11.

Who is 1st in Career Receiving Touchdowns? Nate Harka (2012-2015) had 17 TD’s.

Who is 1st in Career Kickoff Return Yardage? Brandon Shuck (2007-2010) had 795 yards.

Who is 1st in Season Total Points? Evan Culver in 2015 scored 292 points.

Who is 1st in Career Total Points? Evan Culver (2012-2015) scored 470 points.

Who is 1st in Season TD’s? Evan Culver (2015) scored 48 TD’s.

Who is 1st in Career TD’s? Evan Culver (2012-2015) scored 77 TD’s.

Who is 1st in Career Tackle Assists? Christian Carvis (2012-2015) had 129.

Who is 1st in Career Solo Tackles? Ian Gimbar (2007-2010) had 225.

Who is 1st in Season TD Passes? Jim Kugler (1968) had 20.

Who is 1st in Career Receptions? Jason Okken (2007-2010) had 83.

Who is 1st in Career TD Passes? Chad Oeschle (1990-1991) is credited with 40.

Who is 1st in Season Tackle Assists? Christian Carvis (2015) had 82.

Who is 1st in Season Rushing Yardage? Evan Culver (2015) had 2,934 yards.

Who is 1st in Career Rushing Yardage? Evan Culver (2012-2015) had 4,937 yards.

Who is 1st in Season Solo Tackles? Ian Gimbar (2010) had 99.

Who has the Longest Run From Scrimmage? Nick Savant (2013) went 94 yards.

Who is 1st in Season Rushing Attempts? Eric Kuester (2007)  rushed 324 times.

Alstan said it: “My favorite Saucon Valley football memory was making States  and playing Imhotep in the PIAA state semifinals. The whole community was cheering us on as we left Hellertown.”

Coach Phil Sams said it: “In 2017 Alstan was a 1st team All-League offensive specialist and defensive back. This is the second year in a row that he was 1st team All-League defensive back. In 2016 he was also 1st team All-League wide receiver. The first thing I want to say about Alstan is that he may be the best football player to ever come out of Saucon Valley. That is saying a lot, especially since we have had many outstanding players here. Wolfe has been starting varsity football since his freshman year. He holds many records for Saucon Valley and could own several more, but he was asked to do a lot. His favorite offensive position is wide receiver. In the spring of 2017 we asked him to move to quarterback. He did not like the transition at first, but he is the ultimate team player and never looked back. Almost a year later he threw and ran for 1,000 yards. This is a crazy accomplishment especially since he never played quarterback officially until August. I could talk about Alstan all day, but I know this is not a book- just an article. That being said, this community will be talking about him for years to come because of his magical runs, passes, tackles, interceptions, etc. Furthermore, he is the most humble, freak athlete I have ever met. He is a very impressive player, captain, teammate and most importantly person!”

Congratulations Alstan, and best wishes in the future. The Source is with you!

Twelve Days of Panther Football Record Holders is brought to you by FC Steel. FC Steel is the Lehigh Valley’s newest premier youth soccer organization, based in Hellertown. Visit their website to learn more about upcoming clinics/camps and like them on Facebook for regular updates.

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